Treadmill Below $2000

Treadmill competition is fierce. Everyone would like to get their money worth for investment. When buying a treadmill, you want the highest quality for the lowest price. So do you really understand how treadmill reviewer judge on the best buy treadmill chosen? Based on stability? Driving by powerful motor? With a little more features? Or better warranty?

For below $2,000 price range, we have be very strict to our best buy treadmill choose. Winner of the category need to be very excellent in term of power, quality, cushioning, reliability, warranty and overall. And also it needs to be worth for investment. It has to be one of the top of the best buy treadmill.

Can’t wait to see which treadmill is our winner? Let’s follow us on top 3 finalists we choose for this price range.

Note: Price is stated at official manufacturer website as of date: 26/8/2011. Price may vary during sales.

One Glance Overview : Best Treadmill below $2,000

*** Last 3 Finalists ***

Models Sole F85 Yowza Daytona NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro
Price $2,499 $4,599 $2,299
MarkDown $1,999 $1,999 $1,699
Motor 3.5 CHP 3.0 CHP 3.8 CHP
Treadbelt 20″ x 60″ 20″ x 60″ 20″ x 60″
Maximum Weight 400 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs
Speed 0.5-12 MPH 0.5 -11 MPH 0-12 MPH
Incline 0-15% 0 -12% -3 -15%
Workout Prograom 6 preset, 2 customizable, 2 heart rate fitness 16 workout program + Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) 28 workout program + iFIt Live build-in
Cushioning Cushion Flex Deck Swing
Arm Shock Absorption System
QuadFlex™ Precision Calibration™ Cushioning
Warranty Lifetime Frame, Deck & Motor, 5-Yrs Parts and 2-Yr Labor Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Yrs Parts and 2-Yr Labor Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Yrs Parts and 2-Yr Labor
Rating 4.5 out of 5 star 5 out of 5 star 4.5 out of 5 star


How Each Of Them Stand Ahead Compare Others?

Sole F85 – Commercial Grade Build for Home Fitness

sole f85 treadmillSole continue to take part in our best buy top treadmill finalist. What does this mean? Overall, Sole really is a very durable and low maintenance running machine that is built to take a beating and very suitable for serious runners. Sole’s #1 seller and top model in the folding series, this folding treadmill incorporates with a powerful motor, extra long running surface and an impressive warranty that every runner always wanted.

Winning Point:

  • Commercial grade Build and parts for home treadmill. It is solid and rigid.
  • Durability machine proven by rigorous hotel environment.
  • High ranking and positive review from consumers and reviewers

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Yowza Daytona – Professional Grade Treadmill Designed for Years of Rigorous Use

Yowza Daytona TreadmillYowza Daytona stacks up nicely against the competition and offers a sleek, attractive look featuring with the best absorption system, named Patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System, which claims able to absorb up to 63% more impact than ordinary treadmills.

It offers good value for at $1,999 including a well constructed with rigid feel, powerful motor, impressed shock absorption system, variety built-in workouts and a heart rate monitor to make your workout more enjoyable. The add on Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) technology downloads your precise weight and BMI and customize a workout program to burn a predetermined amount of calories. The quality and usability of this machine deserves high marks. The commercial grade 3.0 HP Continuous Duty hefty motors with precision balanced flywheels and the steel rollers containing Japanese-made sealed bearings that are designed to last forever, made Yowza Daytona such a wonderful best buy treadmill.

Winning Point:

  • Well Built Treadmills with Excellent Specs
  • Best-In-Class warranty with no question ask with superior customer service
  • Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) technology is ideal for calories based workout
  • Patented best absorption system named Swing Arm Shock Absorption System

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Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro – Innovation Features

NordickTrack-elite9500Pro-treadmillWell build with commercial grade components, great workout selection and iFit Live build-in, super powerful 3.8 motor, fun entertainment with a new, built-in web browser and above average warranty. You can enjoy your workout in a smooth, fun and entertaining way. Everything looks great for a treadmill for this price range.

Winning Point:

  • Superior 3.8 powerful motor. This is an excessively large motor for a residential treadmill and also the most powerful at this price point
  • 10″ Built In Web Browser
  • In additional of 15% incline, the 3% decline helps you crosstrain and makes running more enjoyable

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WinnerAfter our deep consideration, our vote goes to Yowza Daytona treadmill. The quality and usability of this machine deserves high marks. The overall package in term of quality, cushioning, features, durability and value is top of the line among all. We have high confident for Yowza Daytona treadmill, not only for the treadmill itself, but also the brain behind. Yowza Daytona is the best treadmill designed by the best treadmill inventor, Leao Wang, who left Smooth Fitness to start YowzaFitness. The market strategic, best-in-class warranty make Yowza Daytona stand ahead among all.

Depend on what you need. Each treadmill have it’s own winning point to fight agains the remaining. Choose your best treadmill that suit your need is the most important.


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