Treadmill History

The Long Invention Of Treadmill

Treadmill, one of the best and most popular exercise machines nowadays for either walking or running. From the first introducing of treadmill until today, treadmill has become part of our lives for keeping healthy lifestyles no matter for home residential use or at gym center. But curiously enough the first treadmill weren’t originally designed for that use?


How Treadmill Come from?

Early Treadmill for AgriculturalThe very first idea of treadmill was utilized in agricultural where it was designed as “level power” machine to harness the power of animals to devices such as butter churns, spinning wheels, or water pumps. For bigger animal like horse can use it as power threshing machines. Instead of using motor, it was used to control the animal by changing speed and inclination degree. Sign, this is the idea of our incline trainer come from.

That was for animal. How about human powered treadmills?


The Road From Prisoners To Home Fitness

In 1817, a man named Sir William Cubitt in England developed a tool, where prisoners would regularly walk or run an average of 4 – 5 km every day. It was used to generate power to grind grain, bring water up and so on.


prison treadmill


The turning point of home fitness treadmill came about 1952, when Doctors Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton of the University of Washington developed the standard treadmill test to diagnose and evaluate heart and lung disease. People need to walk on the designed conveyor belts, and monitored their hearts as they increased speed. Quinton later sold his interest to Stairmaster, who was subsequently bought by Nautilus. But this is later story.

early treadmill

The idea of using treadmill to made money soon catch up the businessman’s eye sign as people start to more concern and promoted the benefits of aerobic exercise. Many company start step in to the evolution of the treadmill including Tunturi and Aerobics, Inc, Star Trac. By the 1960s the treadmill became a popular piece of fitness equipment in gyms and in homes. At year 2000, NASA even used treadmill on the space station to help astronauts to keep fit in zero gravity conditions.

The results, treadmills got popular fairly fast.


Treadmill Revolution Continue…

treadmill RevolusionFor over the last decade, treadmills have been proven its efficiency of keeping the healthy lifestyle. Further improvement and development have been focus in treadmill equipment for a higher quality machine. As technology move on, the demand on treadmill have become more advanced like iFit live technology, better cushioning system for knees protection, speed/incline remote adjustment, folding storage ability and more. The basic idea still there, but many many different ideas have been adding to translate treadmill into a piece of a highly effective and efficiency workout machine.

However, no matters how the technology changes, treadmill still remain the best-selling machines in its category of home gym equipment, due to its efficiency and simplicity of use. At least for now!


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