AFG 5.0 AT

AFG 5.0 AT Treadmill Review

AFG 5.0 AT treadmill is a premium gym-quality folding treadmill released by AFG with above average quality. It offers a sturdy heavy-duty frame, powerful 3.0 CHP motor and intuitive controls, gives you the feel of working out at your local health club in the comfort of your own home. The exclusive proFILE tracking technology makes your workout more enjoyable.

Reviews on the AFG 5.0 AT is mixed mainly due to its only 3 years for parts and 1 year for labor warranty is not something you may find advantageous for a $ 2000 treadmill. The higher price tag also hardly makes AFG 5.0AT to be an impulse buy. But in term of quality, power, programs and noise level, AFG 5.0AT is an absolute a premium gym quality level treadmill which able to withstand heavy pound on it.

Are AFG 5.0 AT treadmill is your best buy? Read more detail features and specification below for better overview on AFG 5.0 AT.

Specification:AFG 5.0AT Treadmill

  • Motor : 3.0 CHP Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″ Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5-12 MPH Speed
  • Incline : 0-15% Incline
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display : 2 LED Feedback Windows
  • User Weight Capacity : 400lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 3-Year Parts and 1- Year Labor
  • Web Price : $1,999


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Motor – With 3.0 CHP But With Lower RPM Than Normal 2.75 CHP Motor

The AFG 5.0AT Treadmill equipped with 3.0 CHP motor but derived from operating the treadmill at the lowest RPM possible which similar with 2.75 CHP motor. The treadmill’s motor with larger CHP (Continuous Horsepower) will run at lower revolution per minute (RPM) as possible. The 3.0 CHP motor provide a smoother ride and sufficiently powerful enough for most runners for workout from 0.5 to 12mph and 0 to 15% incline.

Backed with lifetime motor warranty proves that AFG is very confident on the quality and durability for AFG 5.0AT treadmill’s motor.


Frame – Heavy Duty Frame

The frame is build by a durable heavy duty frame with total weigh up to 271lbs. Generally, the heavier the machine, the less it will vibrate or bounce as you run. With the combination of the frame design and the weight, all make AFG 5.0AT a very stable and solid machine. Built to support the toughest workouts, the frame and deck is able to support up to maximum of 400lbs.

Added, AFG 5.0AT treadmill is a folding treadmill that enables to fold the treadmill into an upright position after your workout where it will then occupy a lot smaller floor area.


Running Surface – Thick Orthopedic Belt For Better Cushioning

AFG 5.0AT treadmill comes with 20” x 60”, extra long treadbelt gives you more room to move. This running surface is very suitable and spacious enough for average users and even taller users are very comfort on it.

Added, AFG is using 4.4mm thick orthopedic belt on AFG 5.0AT to help on cushioning and protect joints of connective tissues of you hip joints, ankles, and knees. Orthopedic belt is very good for cushioning and have been widely use for treadmill cushioning system. However, we advice for more regular and extra maintenance to make sure the deck is well lubed. Reason is orthopedic belts are much thicker than regular tread belts and it will cause excessive heat on the belt and wear on the bearings within the rollers. If your deck is well lubed then it will help the treadbelt and motor to run smooth and in directing will cause less heat and prolong your treadmill lifetime.

Deck – Silicone Lubed Deck

AFG 5.0AT treadmill is using silicone lubed deck which is very good for regular treadmill maintenances compare with pre waxed deck. A well lubed deck will help the treadbelt and motor to run smoother and in directly produce less heat to prolong your treadmill operating life.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – Chest Strap Included

We really like the Program menu and programs on AFG 5.0AT treadmill. It included with pre-set programs include Speed and Incline Intervals, Weight Loss, three Heart Rate, Pacer, 5k and 10k Courses, and two customer profile. This customer profile works great for multiple users for workout tracking.

Moreover, AFG 5.0AT treadmill is integrated with built-in Contact Grip Heart Rate Monitor in handrail bar to monitor your heart-rate during workout. This is one of the easiest, most-convenient methods to monitoring your heart rate.

Not only this. It comes with Telemetric Receiver where chest strap is included on the AFG 5.0AT folding treadmill while this is optional on other AFG models. This polar wireless heart rate transmitter feeds back user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s computer to makes speed and incline adjustments based on user’s heart rate so that they are always in the optimum target fitness zone.


ProFILE Tracking technology – Exclusive at AFG Treadmill

The AFG 5.0AT treadmill makes it easy to track your fitness level over time thanks to its exclusive proFILE technology. The ProFILE Tracking technology gives users the ability to map their progress and evaluate a variety of workout statistics including time, calories, pace, and distance. It can support up to two users.


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Console – Standard LED Display

AFG 5.0 AT Treadmill ConsoleAFG 5.0 AT folding treadmill features an LED brickyard, two 4-digit LEDs, and a 16-digit alphanumeric LED for workout feedback. The console includes an iPod holder and controls through the console to give you a safe place to store your workout soundtrack while listening through premium Pioneer speakers.


Extra Accessory – High Quality Premium Pioneer Speakers

To enjoy your walk or jog more, especially nowadays, the iPod audio system considers a must for treadmill today. For me, the iPod audio system is a bonus at AFG 5.0AT. It integrated with audio system with an mp3 or iPod compatible with high quality premium Pioneer speakers.


Warranty – Not So Appealing

This is an about average warranty coverage for this price range. If you compare with others treadmill at similar price range which might offer up to 5 years part and 2 years labor, the warranty is not that appealing. Only 3 year for parts and 1 year for labor is not something you may find advantageous for a $ 2000 machine.


Price – Hardly An Impulse Buy

At $1,999, it’s hardly an impulse buy, but considering that you are actually purchase a gym quality treadmill where you can save on your month gym fee. Else, you may consider the AFG 5.1AT with similar features right at $1,499 after sales. Alternative, you may also consider the AFG 7.1AT treadmill which now comes with same price point at $1,999 after sales but you get more features including the AFG new innovation Passport media player technology with no additional cost!


Wrap-up – Check On Others AFG treadmill Before Get This

The premium feature of AFG 5.0AT including the commercial grade 3.0 CHP motor, heavy duty frame which able to withstand continue pounding and extra long 20” x 60” full length thick orthopedic belt for better cushioning. Add on, the pre-set build-in workout program and profile tracking technology makes it easy to track your fitness level with more enjoyable workout experience.

The minor note on AFG 5.0AT is the selling price at $1,999 which is too high. I would recommend you goes for another AFG treadmill like AFG 5.1AT with similar features but $500 buck less compare with AFG 5.0AT. Alternative, the AFG 7.1AT with same price point but with additional features including the AFG new innovation Passport media player technology is also one of the recommendations from us!


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