TC200 Treadclimber

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber Review

Bowflex TC200 treadclimber, formerly the TC20, is the most premium treadclimber among lineup that offers the low impact and efficient workout. As part of Bowflex innovative models, TC200 treadclimber is a unique 3-in-1 design that acts as a treadmill, a stair climber and an elliptical trainer all in one. The forward motion of the treadmill, stepping of the former stair masters and fluid motion of the elliptical are proven can burn up to 2.5x more calories than a traditional treadmill by just walking.

There are few differences compare TC100 and TC200 treadclimber. The main difference is Bowflex TC200 comes with upgrades of Bluetooth connectivity with free TreadClimber app to make it easy to define your fitness goals and transfer workout data to MyFitnessPal and other select fitness apps. Added, there are additional wireless heart rate monitoring and built-in workouts for Bowflex TC200.

Bowflex TC200 treadclimber is your best choice for your fitness plan? Read below for more detail specification.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber
Specification :

  • Motor : Yes
  • Speed : 0.5-4.5 MPH Speed
  • Display : Fully backlit LCD screen
  • User Weight Capacity : 300lbs
  • Dimensions : 55″ L x 31.5″ W x 62.5″ H
  • Warranty : 3 Year Coverage For Entire Machine
  • Regular : $3,999
  • Best Price : $3,299 + Offer




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Motor – Can Reach Up to 4.5mph

Bowflex TC200 can reach up to 4.5mph, which is a bit faster than the entry-level TC100 model.


Frame – Compact Design With Transport Wheels

The total weight of Bowflex TC200 is 217lbs, giving the machine a solid and stable feel. Overall, it is very compact design with 5″ L x 31.5″ W x 62.5″ H dimension that fit easily in home and equipped with transport wheels for portability purpose. Weight in 202 pounds, the Bowflex TC200 is able to withstand weight limitation up to 300 pounds.


Running Surface – Dual Treadles That Lift Up And Down

Bowflex Treadclimber Treadles DesignThe main mechanism of treadclimber is helping by their patented Dual-Treadles design that lift up and down to meet each step as you walk. The are like two separate mini treadmill belt for both feet that get you keep walking, thus reducing the impact on knees and other joints compare with typical treadmills.


Workout Programs – Unique Heart Rate Zone Light Bar

G.O. (Goal Oriented) Coach Technology is a helpful Goal Tracking feature introduced by Bowflex that interacts with the user to establish goals, monitor progress in order to achieve your fitness goal. Users begin with three landmarks (Lady Liberty, Space Needle, TransAmerica Tower) and earn six additional world landmarks by completing the goals they set with the program.

It delivers customized programming up to four users and with can automatically shares your data with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, and Bowflex Connect with integrated Bluetooth connectivity. It also features 12 levels of resistance and 5 electronic functions to help you reach and meet your fitness goals.

Bowflex TC200 comes with Advanced Heart Rate Monitoring with unique Heart Rate Zone Light Bar which allows you to track your heart rate across 4 discrete zones including Warm-up, Fat Burn, Cardio, and Performance with integrated heart rate grips or the heart rate chest strap to help you stay in optimal fat birning zone.


Console – More Attractive Design

Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber ConsoleBowflex TC200 comes with new interactive and fully backlit, high-contrast, LCD screen which display motivating animations of your workout progress. The redesigned media shelf is much more spacious with oversized cup holders, a media holder, contact grip sensors, a Bluetooth enabled console and built-in USB charging port. Overall design is more attractive compare with older treadclimber.


Extra Accessory – Lack of Entertainment Features

The redesigned media shelf comes with built-in USB charging port to charge your tablet, phone, or music player. It does not comes with additional entertainment features like speakers or iPod port on Bowflex TC200.


Warranty – Three Year Warranty For Entire Machine

The return policy is within 6 weeks if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your results with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Added, the entire of Bowflex TC200 treadclimber is cover with three year which is not impressive.


Price – On The Pricey Side

Bowflex TC200 is pretty pricy with retail price of $3,299 even after discount. If money is a concern, I would recommended you go for Bowflex TC100 with $1,100 less as there are no much difference between these two model.

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Wrap-up – Top Rated TreadClimber

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is a unique 3-in-1 cardio machine that proven can burn twice calories as typical treadmill by just walking. This top rated treadclimber is one of the most innovative product lines to hit the fitness market. The differences between TC100 and TC200 is not much as TC200 is added with Bluetooth connectivity, wireless heart rate monitoring and additional built-in workouts. If money is a concern, I would recommend you go with the TC100 with $1,100 less compare with TC100.

Note: You may also visit the Bowflex Official Website if you wish to know more on treadclimber.


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