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Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber Review

Bowflex has released three new Bowflex TreadClimber models, which are TC5, TC10 and TC20 at 2011 to replace the previous three models, the TC1000, TC5000 and the TC5500. Among all the TreadClimber in the fitness market, the Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber is currently the most affordable TreadClimber. It comes in at an amazingly low price under $1000 and is the lowest price ever offered on a Treadclimber. While the price is great, it is a scaled down version of Bowflex famous treadClimber series and only comes in bare-bones model. The TC5 is self-powered and doesn’t use a power cord. So the entire TC5 including the LED console display, is fueled by your workout power.

What is a TreadClimber? The TreadClimber was designed to provide three in one workouts by combining the benefit of treadmill, stairclimber and an elliptical machine. TreadClimber provides the walking forward motion of the treadmill with the stepping effect of the Stairmaster as well as enjoy the generally smooth operation of the elliptical. It has has two dual treadles (as opposed to one used in treadmills) that lift to meet each step as you walk. In fact you can burn twice the calories in a single workout as compared to walking on a treadmill. This means you get faster results in less time without running.

Wonder Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber is your best choice for your fitness plan? Read below for more detail review.


Specification :Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber

  • Motor : Motorless design (Step ‘N Go)
  • Speed : 0-4.5 MPH Speed
  • Display : LCD Screen Display
  • User Weight Capacity : 300lbs
  • Dimensions : 43.1″ L x 27″ W x 52.8″ H
  • Warranty : 1 Year Coverage For Entire Machine
  • Regular : $1,999
  • Best Price : $999



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Motorless – Step On it And Go

Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is motorless which means your motion is what drives the belts on the treadles. Basically you can just step on it and go. No wall plugs or cords needed. It is a self-powered unit and you can place it anywhere you want. It is very quiet since it’s motorless and you need to walk harder to get the treadles up to speed. The benefit is you will burn few extra calories to build the momentum when you get moving on it.

And because of the motorless aspect, TC5 costs less than half the money compare with TC10 and TC20.


Frame – Most Compact Model

Bowflex TreadClimber TC5 is the most compact and the smallest model with measuring only 43.1″ L x 27″ W x 52.8″ H. If space is a limitation, Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is a nice alternative to a folding treadmill. It even provide transport wheels so you can move it out of the way when you’re done working out.

The overall frame design of TC5 offers a new, sleekers look compare with older model. It made of steel and weighs about 165 pounds. Not a very heavy unit but considering the square shape floor design, it is reasonably stable. It is able to withstand weight limitation up to 300 pounds.


Running Surface – Low Impact Workout Which Easier On Knees

Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber ConsoleThe TreadClimber has two “treadles” that move up and down to offers more movements than a single treadmill track running. In fact, TreadClimber provide a low-impact workout and it easier on the knees and other joints compare with typical treadmills.

This is mainly due to we are walking instead of running as running can really be hard on your joints. Treadmill manufacturers are always trying to one up each other in terms of cushioning and Bowflex treadclimbers try to resolve this problem with their walking only design.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – User-Generated Resistance

Since Bowflex TreadClimber TC5 is a self-powered unit, it only comes with User-Generated resistance which is controlled entirely by user. This makes it easier to focus on your workout instead of worrying about adjusting settings.

While the price tag is so low, there is no heart rate monitor/program for TC5.


Console – Ultra-Simple

The console is ultra-simple in design without complicated buttons or console options to choose. No bells and whistles you find on the higher-end Treadclimbers like built-in workouts and others extra functions. It even doesn’t guide your workouts with preset programs like most treadmills and TreadClimbers.

There is no heart rate monitor function and you only get to see 4 workout statistics (Speed, Distance, Time, and Calories) which toggle back and forth on the display screen. It automatically senses movement and lights up with your workout statistic.


Extra Accessory – No Extra

A significant downside is there is no extra accessory on Bowflex Treadclimber TC5, either speakers or MP3 input. You won’t find an iPod port, Internet connection or other perks on TC5.


Warranty – 1 Year Covers For Entire Machine

Overall you get a 1-year warranty that covers for entire machine including parts and labor. This is fairly short especially when you are doing comparison for treadmill in this price range which offers up to 3 years parts and 1 year labor warranty.

We recommended you purchased through the official Bowflex website where you get 100% moneyback guaratee within 6 weeks.


Price – Lowest Price Ever Offered On A TreadClimber

The main attractive part of Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is the price tag at $999. To get a Treadclimber for under $1000 was unheard of before the TC5 came out.

The motorless is a concern but for those have limited budget but still want to experience the amazing revolution of the TreadClimber, the Bowflex TC5 is a great entry-level model. For under $1000, the TC5 is an incredible deal as most incline trainers have start price at least $1399 and up.


Wrap-up – Most Budget-Friendly TreadClimber

TreadClimbers are getting popular for providing low-impact workouts that can burn up to twice as many calories compare with a typical treadmill at the same speed. The Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber comes in at an amazingly low price under $1000 which is the lowest price ever offered on a Treadclimber. The Bowflex TC5 has sacrificed a few features yet in terms of performance. If money is a concern and you don’t want to spend $2,000+ on the Bowflex TC10 and Bowflex TC20, the compact, self-powered, motorless TC5 Treadclimber may be the ideal choice for you. It is a great entry level model to experience the revolutionary TreadClimber technology at a rock-bottom price.


Editor Useful Tips – How To Assembly Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber on video!


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