Endurance Treadmill Reviews

endurance treadmill

Most Generous Warranty on the Market

Lifetime warranty cover for all part including frame, motor, belt, electronic and everything, except labor warranty with 1 year, Endurance treadmill is the most generous warranty on the market and you hardly to find the better warranty than Endurance.

endurance warrantyEndurance is imported by the same company which also imported Body Solid, a company well known for outstanding home gyms and weight-lifting equipment and customer service as well for its unbeatable warranty. Body Solid are one of the largest suppliers of strength training equipment in North America. Overall Endurance are provide high quality treadmill with good waranty but does not offer much attractive features. This might due to Body Solid are more focus and putting research on home gym equipment.  If you only need an realiability and durability machine for cardiovascular workout, and the most important lifetime machine, Endurance might be the right choice for you!

Why choose Endurance Treadmill

  1. The best warranty ever – lifetime warranty for everything start from motor to all the part  until even a single piece of component on the treadmill is covered except labor which is covered for 1 year. This is also meaning that you are buying a treadmill without worry and it can perform forever.
  2. Worldwide recognized as excellent and quality -Endurance are certified with ISO9000:2000 which is recognized worldwide and it only awarded to company that stringent in quality, design, and customer service.

Endurance Treadmill Price Range

This is hardly believed that Endurance treadmills are range from $1,559-$3,415 but come with such a good warranty. Endurance treadmills are affordable with reasonable mid-range price and very suitable for those who are looking for life time fitness machine as it can prevent you to continue invest money on repairing and looking for replacement.

Endurance Treadmill Models Overview

Endurance T3i Treadmill – Most basic Endurance treadmill with basic spec,but lifetime!

Endurance TF3i Treadmill – Similiar with T3 but with includes contact heart rate sensors and folding capabilities with only additional $240.

Endurance T6i HRC Treadmill – Best buy within Endurance treadmill which comewith HRC – Heart Rate Control

Endurance T10 HRC Treadmill – Commercial Club-style features with folding features and score well in powerful motor, superior cushioning, and a great warranty.

One Glance Overview

Models Endurance T3i Endurance TF3i Endurance TF6i Endurance T10 HRC
Price $1,555 $1,799 $2,514 $3,415
Mark Down  –  –  –
Lengh 63.5 in 63.5 in 70 in 77 in
Width 31 in 31 in 31 in 32 in
Height 54 in 54 in 54 in 57 in
Weight Capacity 275 lbs 275 lbs 300 lbs 350 lbs
Belt 18″ x 50″ , 2 ply treadbelt 18″ x 50″ , 2 ply treadbelt 20″ x 53″ , 2 ply treadbelt 20″ x 60″ , 2 ply treadbelt
Motor 2.2 HP Continuous Duty, 6.6 HP Peak Duty 2.2 HP Continuous Duty, 6.6 HP Peak Duty 2.5 HP Continuous Duty, 7.5 HP Peak Duty 3.0 HP Continuous Duty, 8.4 HP Peak Duty
Speed 0.5 – 10 mph 0.5 – 10 mph 0.5 – 10 mph 0.5 – 10 mph
Incline 0 – 12% grade 0 – 12% grade 0 – 12% grade 0 – 12% grade
Folding No Yes No No
Warranty Lifetime Warranty (1 Year labor) Lifetime Warranty (1 Year labor) Lifetime Warranty (1 Year labor) Lifetime Warranty (1 Year labor)

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