Horizon T203 Treadmill

Horizon T203 Treadmill Review

Horizon T203 treadmill, top of the line model from Horizon, mainly designed for both walkers and joggers at 2011. It is a beautifully packaged machine that comes with extra long running surface and a powerful motor. Similar with Horizon T202, Horizon T203 treadmill is upgrade version of Horizon T103 treadmill, which was highly rated by most consumer and treadmill reviewers.

However, in our opinion, Horizon T203 treadmill is not the most attractive offer for $999. It has his strengths, but also weaknesses which make us reluctant to recommend it as a valid option. If you’re looking for a treadmill below $1,000 that would offer spacious running surface and a big motor, then this machine is a good option. However, compared to some of the best treadmills in this price range, this machine’s quality having its limitation and is a little bit behind.

Does Horizon T203 treadmill is the one that fits your need? See below for our detail reviews.

Specification:Horizon T203 Treadmill

  • Motor : 2.75 HP CHP Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″ 2-Ply Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5-12 MPH
  • Incline : 0-12%
  • Foldingg : Yes
  • Display :•A widescreen blue back-lit LCD window and two small blue back-lit LCD windows
  • User Weight Capacity : 350lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame & Motor, 2-Year Parts & Labor
  • MSRP : $1,199
  • Sale Price : $999


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Motor – Most Powerful Motor from Horizon

Horizon T203 treadmill is powering by a 2.75 CHP motor. It has been added 0.25CHP compare with Horizon T202 treadmill. Although this is the most powerful motor offer by Horizon, but this motor still not best fit for runners. It does not meet the minimum 3.0 CHP motor requirement for a runner to continue pounding for it. This 2.75 CHP motor is sufficient enough for walkers and light joggers.

Horizon T203 treadmill has maximum speed of 12 mph and maximum incline of 12% incline, but I would recommend you try not to reach the motor maximum capability in order not to over-stress the motor. But luckily the motor is quiet and spin-balanced when I try to increase the speed. Consider one of the winning points.


Frame – Solid 200 Pound Heavy Treadmill

Horizon T203 treadmill is a solid 200 pound heavy treadmill with total of 350 lbs maximum capacity weight. It with additional 25 lbs as maximum accepted weight compare with T202 treadmill but this is normal for the power motor added. But still, I do feel many fitness stores over estimate on it and would rate it at around 280lbs.

Horizon T203 treadmill is a folding treadmill with FeatherLIGHT™ folding lift system allows for quick and easy folding and unfolding of your treadmill. It comes with a hydraulic lift assist which makes the folding/unfolding process easier and effortless. It offers lifetime frame coverage for Horizon T203 treadmill and this proves that Horizon is very confident on its frame.


Running Surface – Adjustable Cushioning Based On Your Need

Boasting by a 20” X 60” running surface, which is also pretty generous in this price. This is the most spacious running surface only from Horizon. The running surface is full cushioning with the ComfortSELECT adjustable cushioning which allows you change the firmness of the belt based on your need. This cushioning provides shock absorption and support for your knees and ankle to minimize injuries.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – 14 Workout Option

There are total of 14 workout options include 3 Targets (Time, Distance, and Calorie), 4 Terrain (Manual, Intervals, Hills, and Weight Loss), plus 2 Custom workouts available only on this model. The 2 Custom Workouts enabled on this model allow you to create your own 2 exercises with 15 speed profiles and 15 incline profiles and save for each workout.

Added, Advanced Goal Center lets you set long-term fitness goals with the 31-day goal tracking feature. This feature allows keeping track of results in comparison with the goals set

  • Manual Workout – Time based workout and allows you to control Incline and Speed;
  • Intervals Workout –Time based workout with preset incline/speed for 3 workout segments (warm-up, 90 seconds, and 30 seconds). The 3 segments repeat until your target is reached;
  • Weight Loss Workout –Automatically control speed and incline for consecutive 30 seconds intervals until your set target is reached.
  • Hills Workout – Simulates hill running up and down by controlling automatic incline and speed for every 30 seconds interval

There’s even a pair of pulse grip handles built in so you can exercise in your target heart rate zone for maximum results. To check your heart rate, you need to grab onto the handgrips until a reading is taken. This may look awkward, but if you need an accurate reading, remember to hold the handgrips until the reading is taken.


Console – Basic and Easy

Horizon T203 Treadmill Console
Horizon T203 treadmill has a widescreen blue backlit LCD window, and 2 small blue backlit LCD windows showing readouts for time, distance, speed, calories burned and others workout info. You also can adjust your incline/speed just by one touch of button at console instead of scrolling through all of your option. A basic feature, but still nice to have it.


Extra Accessory – iPod + Nike Features

The most special features for Horizon T203 treadmill is it is a Nike +iPod equipped machine where you can plug-in your iPod right to the console special dock. With the iPod + Nike feature, you can save your workout data like distance, time and calories burn straight to your iPod for simple workout tracking. Go online and iTunes will automatically sync your workout to the Nike website. It’s quite fun and effective to track your workout progress in more interesting way.

I enjoy connect my iPod to the console and listen to favorite music enable from the speakers. Besides, Horizon T203 treadmill allows control the volume at the console which is easily than making adjustments on a tiny iPod. The speakers sound not so great but you cannot really compare it with your stereo sound system. I am ok for it.

The cooling fans are also an added extra. Just located in the console, it helps to provide very slight breeze to your core during workouts.


Warranty – Not Very Attractive With The Extra Paid

Horizon is offer comprehensive lifetime frame, motor and backed with 2 year part and 1-year in-home labor protection plan. Compare with current Horizon T101 and T202 treadmill, it is added with additional 1-year parts warranty coverage for better protection. I still do opinion Horizon T203 treadmill is not very attractive with this minor extra, as we actually can added 1 year extended warranty for parts AND labor at only $79 from Horizon directly. So why pay more for $200 for a T203 treadmill?


Price – Competition is Fierce for $999

Horizon T203 treadmill competes at the very competitive $999 price range and the competition is fierce. There are a lot of treadmill brand like Proform, Yowza, NordicTrack offer attractive treadmill with same price point. But if you are looking for a treadmill with a 60″ belt at this price, it is one of the top three.


Wrap-up – Crowded Market and Little Bit Behind

Honestly, I would not recommend you go for Horizon T203 treadmill with sales price of $999. It has his strength with spacious running surface and powerful motor. But, comparing with others NordicTrack, Yowza, Proform treadmill with same selling prices, Horizon T203 treadmill have its quality limitation and is a little bit behind. This is a crowded market and lots of competition which can offer you more in term of cushioning, quality component, fitness program and more.

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