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Charity And Fitness Build Together

Livestrong Fitness, a newer treadmill brand to fitness market but slowly getting the recognition they deserve with the products that they are offering. Well known for manufacturing exercise bikes, Livestrong Fitness actually also produces treadmills and elliptical. Since Livestrong ever first launched of their first treadmill at 2009, Livestrong treadmills are already earning a respected place by building strong, well-constructed treadmills and received a very positive treadmill reviews including from us.

The company behind Livestrong is actually Johnson Health Tech – one of the largest fitness equipment companies in the world who have been involved with the fitness equipment industry for more than 30 years. Johnson also manufactured Horizon, Vision Fitness and the commercial Matrix fitness equipment. Livestrong treadmills are adapted with many best mechanical features from Johnson’s other brand by characterized by powerful motors and rugged frames which are both backed by lifetime warranties.


Take Note : Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LiveStrong and most of Livestrong Treadmills are now discontinued.

You can still look for Horizon Fitness or Vision Fitness treadmill which is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech.


Why choose Livestrong Treadmills

  1. Endorsed by super-athlete Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor and one of the best cyclists that ever lived, part of the sale of each Livestrong fitness machine will contributes to Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong cancer foundation. The name Livestrong reflects his attitude toward life and fitness after surviving his bout with cancer. So when you purchase a treadmill you are not only a Livestrong customer, but also donate to people who are in need.
  2. Livestrong LS10_0T TreadmillHow about the treadmills themselves? Livestrong’s treadmill lineup encompass models that are simple in design, but are very well made and endorsed by a matchless warranty all at a competitive price. The key point to mention about Livestrong is that Johnson Tech places a lot of emphasis on the quality of the motors. Motors on Livestrong units range from 2.5 HP up to 3.0 HP, which is very good. Add on, all the motors are covered by lifetime warranty.
  3. Livetrack Fitness Journal and Livetrack Interactive Technology – All Livestrong treadmill come with a Livetrack fitness journal which helps you automatically track your results in several different ways. From this, you can create weekly goal and journal to track your progress over the past day, week or month. Additional, the newer model like LS10.0T and LS13.0T are comes with Livestrong interactive workout technology where you get a USB device included with the treadmill and can go online to download new workouts that are designed by Lance Armstrong’s personal strength and conditioning coach.


Livestrong Treadmills Price Range

Pricing of Livetsrong treadmills are between about $800 and $1,500, depend on the specifications offer, LiveStrong treadmills are able to fit most budgets.


One Glance Overview

Livestrong LS8.0T Treadmill – Top pick below $800 and fits squarely into the budget category and is designed primarily for walkers

Livestrong LS10.0T Treadmill – New lower price at $799 with generous array of features and programs with more powerful motor and longer running surface compare with LS8.0T at same price!

Livestrong LS13.0T Treadmill – Most advanced treadmill offer by Livestrong with most powerful motor and extra long treadbelt among all the line-up. Suitable for runners.

Livestrong LS15.0T Treadmill – The 2013 newly designed treadmill targeted for runners comes with 10-inch touchscreen and integrated fitness journal.

Livestrong LSPro 1 Treadmill – Steps up from Livestrong residential models with more commercial-grade build with high-quality materials and durable components.

Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill – Non-folding treadmill with upgrade feature from LSPro 1. Include with their newly develop technology, the Passport Media Player for free!


Livestrong Treadmills Overview

Models LS8.0T LS10.0T LS13.0T LS15.0T LSPro 1 LSPro 2
Price $1,499 $1,999 $2,099 $2,399 $2,499 $2,999
Mark Down $799 $799 $999 $1,499 $1,199 $1,599
Dimension 70″L x 36″W x 60″H 74″L x 36″W x 58″H 79″L x 36″W x 58″H 77″L x 36″W x 63″H 84″L x 37″W x 59″H 79″L x 37″W x 59″H
Weight Capacity 325 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs
Belt 20″ x 55″ treadbelt 20″ x 60″ treadbelt 20″ x 60″ treadbelt 20″ x 60″ treadbelt 20″ x 60″, Maintenance-free Waxed Belt 20″ x 60″, Maintenance-free Waxed Belt
Motor 2.5 continuous duty 2.75 continuous duty 3.0 continuous duty 3.0 continuous duty 3.0 continuous duty 3.25 continuous duty
Speed 0 to 12 mph 0 to 12 mph 0 to 12 mph 0.5 to 12 mph 0 to 12 mph 0 to 12 mph
Incline 0 to 12% 0 to 12% 0 to 14% 0 to 15% 0 to 14% 0 to 15%
Folding Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Warranty Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts, 2 yrs in home labor


Livestrong By Matrix Commercial Treadmill

Note: Below two models are Livestrong by Matrix treadmill which designed for commercial use.

Livestrong T1x Treadmill – Leading treadmill for light commercial fitness rooms and ideal for apartment, office or corporate gym setting

Livestrong T1xe Treadmill – Similar with Livestrong T1x treadmill but features with an additional in-console TV screen.


The Livestrong Treadmill behind…

Do you ever heard about Lance Armstrong? Lance Armstrong is a pro cyclist and cancer survivor who won the Tour De France seven times. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer that eventually spread to his brain and lungs but made a full recovery after surgeries and chemotherapy. With the same spirit to fight against the cancer, he rode and successful become the winner of the grueling Tour de France seven times. What’s a record!

Lance Armstrong’s non-profit Lance Armstrong Foundation has helped individuals across the world and fighting cancer ever since 1997. Their trademark, the Livestrong yellow bracelet which to raise fund for Lance Armstrong Foundation, had sold more than 80 million to date. There are many events and activities have been held every year by Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Livestrong Fitness is associated with the Lance Armstrong foundation by contribute a portion of the earnings to this foundation. On 16th February 2011, Lance Armstrong confirmed his retirement from professional cycling. But, his spirit to help on cancer victim will continue Livestrong!



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