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Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill Review (Discontinued)

The Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is a non-folding machine from Livestrong new line-up which designed and created to those demands for highest level of quality and maximum performance. Labeled as the ultimate machine for serious runners, Livestrong LSPro 2 is a stronger, reliable and durable treadmill with great similarities to commercial grade units. It builds with highly durable, full-cast aluminum non-folding frame, maintenance-free belt, extra-protective cushioning system and powered by commercial-grade 3.25 CHP continuous-duty horsepower motor.

Similar to earlier models of Livestrong, the LSPro 2 treadmill comes with Livestrong exclusive Livetrack Interactive technology for easy, online fitness tracking using a USB device. Plus, Livestrong introduces some incredible virtual reality fun training lets you run famous trails all over the world in full HD quality by hooks up the Passport Media Player to your TV. This Passport Media Player is very similar to iFit Live from Icon Fitness as both features will bring you to various places all over the world for more enjoyable workout experience. Take note that no additional cost for the Passport as it comes together with the purchase of the LSPro 2.

So is the Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is your best choice for your fitness plan? Read below for more detail about LSPro 2 treadmill


Specification :Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill

  • Motor : 3.25 CHP Continuous-duty Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″, Maintenance-free Waxed Belt
  • Speed : 0-12 MPH Speed
  • Incline : 0-15% Incline
  • Foldingg : No
  • Display : Extra Large LED Multiple Windows Display
  • User Weight Capacity : 350lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5-Years Parts and 2-Year Labor
  • Regular : $2,999
  • Best Price : $1,599


Take Note : Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LiveStrong and most of Livestrong Treadmills are now discontinued.

You can still look for Horizon Fitness or Vision Fitness treadmill which is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech.


Motor – Performance 3.25 HP Continuous-duty Motor

Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is powered by performance 3.25 HP continuous-duty motor. It has a slightly stronger motor compare with Livestrong LSPro 1 treadmill. Both motors are the commercial-grade motor used in health clubs and higher-quality home treadmills and very powerful, smooth even at the highest intense. It able to drives and support top speed of 12 mph and up to 15% incline without stressing the motor too much.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the ultra-quiet drive system and extended-range power incline deliver better and ultimate workout experience.


Frame – Crafted Using A Heavy-duty, Full-cast Aluminum

The non-folding frame of the treadmill is crafted using a heavy-duty, full-cast aluminum, making it a very heavy and sturdy treadmill. It is a home used treadmill but built to a much higher standard than their other residential models. Built to support the toughest workouts, the frame and deck is able to support up to maximum of 350lbs. When it comes to quality, this machine is built to last longer than the average treadmills. This makes it a great choice for runners or multiple-use families who need a stronger treadmill to withstand heavier use.

Added, Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is a non-folding, heavy unit with weight in XXX. If you have limited space, the Pro 2 treadmill may take up a lot of room at home. Make sure that you have place the LSPro 2 treadmill in a proper location especially if you wish to use the Passport Media Player.


Running Surface – 20” x60”, maintenance Free Treadbelt

Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill comes with a 20”x 60” commercial grade belt which provide a wider spacious to allow you to move or run on it. The 60” is a very common lengthy especially for this price point but it still nice to have it include for LSPro 2. It is spacious enough for average users and even taller users are very comfort on it. The new maintenance free belt is fitted with the 60mm large rollers to ensure proper lubrication and alignment for all time.

Added, the new RunnersSoft cushioning system delivers extra comfort and extra support for a softer running feel. We have tested on the cushioning system and it feel good as per advertise. This cushioning system effectively absorbs shocks with extra support for every stride.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – Up to 24 Workout Program

There are total up to 24 workout programs equipped for LSPro 2 for achieving your fitness goals. Choose from Manual, Speed intervals, Peak intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling Hills, Foot hills, Mountain climb, 5K/10K, Pacer, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Austin, Spring Classic, 8 Livetrack Intercative programs and 2 custom programs. The custom programs are very suitable for multiple users for fitness progress tracking.

Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is integrated with built-in Contact Grip sensor in handrail bar and telemetric HR receiver capability allowing for easy, hands-free heart rate monitoring. However, take note that wireless heart rate feature requires a heart rate chest strap which sold separately.


Livetrack Interactive Technology – Free Program Download Designed By Peter park

The cool thing about this treadmill is that it features the Livetrack Interactive Technology with free program download designed by Peter Park, Lance Armstrong’s strength and conditioning coach. A USB device is included with the Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill to interact with for this purpose.

Added this feature also records your fitness routine and keep track of your progress by the USB stick. Just plug out the USB device where you store you workout statistic and results and connect it your computer to review your workout statistics.


Passport Media Player – With No Additional Cost

Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill With Passport Media PlayerLivestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is include with their newly develop technology, the Passport Media Player for free! This Passport system comes with a media player, a remote control, a HDMI cable, a RCA cable, a power adaptor, and a USB drive. The system works pretty well and can be a real joy to run with 2 different trails throughout the American Southwest and Northern Italy which engage you with stunning video footage and ambient audio soundtracks right through your TV.

Begin your workout in your living room, finish in the Italian countryside. Just connect the Passport media player to your television and take your workout to new heights. It does no required wire or connection between your treadmill and TV. Make sure you can see your TV screen while you’re running on Grand Canyon!

This Passport Media Player is very similar with iFit Live technology from Icon Fitness, but one thing to note is this feature does not comes with additional cost unlike iFit still required additional separate module at lowest end model and monthly subscription. Livestrong is ready to roll in this feature at LSPro 2 with free!

Please take note that Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill is a heavy unit and not easy to move around. Make sure that you have placed it with a TV right in front of you.


Console – Well Designed, Clean and Easy to Read

Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill ConsoleThe Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill has a well designed and easy to use console. The extra large LED multiple windows offers quick feedback on your workout stats with continuous feedback about time, incline, distance, speed, calories, pace and heart rate.


Extra Accessory – Passport Media Player

Livestrong LSPro 2 teradmill comes with a headphone audio in/out Jack. However, the most exciting part of Livestrong LSPro 2 is the Passport Media Player with Virtual Active.  Passport delivers a dynamic workout experience unlike any other; no plane ticket required. It project right to your TV, engaging you with stunning video footage and ambient audio soundtracks.


Warranty – Best Warranty at This Price Point

Backed with a superior warranty with lifetime warranty on the Frame and Motor, plus 5 yrs on Parts and 2 yrs unlimited in-home repairs, you can be sure that it’s all about quality and performance when it comes to this machine. This warranty coverage is one of the best warranty available on any treadmill at this price point.


Price – Save $250 For Free Shipping and Inside Delivery From Livestrong

Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill comes with competitively price at $1,599 with free shipping and inside delivery include if you get it directly from Livestrong which can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Many manufacturers offer free shipping but if want the treadmill actually delivered inside your home, you have to pay extra. The shipping strategic from Livestrong actually makes you save up to $250+.

Added, each purchase of the Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill ensures that a portion of their sales go to help Lance Armstrong’s Cancer foundation to support the 28 million people living with cancer today.


Wrap-up – Highly Recommended If Budget is Not A Problem

We highly recommend Livestrong LSPro 2 treadmill for its sturdiness stronger frame design, firmer cushioning, commercial grade powerful motor with technologically advanced features especially the Passport application is definitely worth looking into. This machine with promising specification and features which perfect for novice as well as advanced runners who require demanding runs. You should definitely consider getting this treadmill, especially if budget is not a problem.

Note: You may consider Livestrong LSPro 1 treadmill with $500 lower which have slightly weaker motor and without Passport Media Player include.


More Review Features of the Livestrong LSPro 2 Treadmill on video!


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