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Livestrong T1x Treadmill Review (Discontinued)

Livestrong T1x is the Livestrong’s 2011 top-of-the-line model for light commercial fitness and ideal for apartment, office or corporate gym setting. It is powerful treadmill featuring with strong motor, extra long treadbelt, great cushioning to protect your joint and a 15% incline. The labor warranty is awesome with up to 3 years in home labor warranty which indicate that Livestrong is very confident on the treadmill. This Livestrong T1x treadmill is build with commercial grade components and intended for use up to 6 hours a day.

Although the labor warranty is generous enough, but the overall commercial warranty package with 5 years frame and motor, 3 years part are too short compared which others companies offer. And please take note that the warranty package is only valid for light commercial use in condition six hours or less per day.

Wonder Livestrong T1x treadmill is your best choice for light commercial use? Read below for more detail about T1x treadmil.


Specification :Livestrong T1x Treadmill

  • Motor : Matrix 3.0 HP AC Dynamic Response Drive System
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″, commercial grade Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5-12 MPH Speed
  • Incline : 0-15% Incline
  • Foldingg : Yes
  • Display : Alphanumeric LED Display
  • User Weight Capacity : 350lbs
  • Warranty : 5 years frame and motor, 3 yrs parts and labor
  • Best Price : $5,195


Take Note : Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LiveStrong and most of Livestrong Treadmills are now discontinued.

You can still look for Horizon Fitness or Vision Fitness treadmill which is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech.


Motor – 3.0HP Motor for Ultimate Workout

Livestrong T1x treadmill is powered by Matrix 3.0 HP AC Dynamic Response motor and controller and strong enough to support top speed of 12 mph and up to 15% incline. The treadmill is fine fitted with the motor which designed to run for hours each day in a fitness center with the toughest users. Added, the motor is covered by 5-year warranty for light commercial use.

Note: Please take note that Livestrong T1x uses a NEMA 5-20R 120v outlet and plug. It required NEMA outlet and should installed by a licensed electrician.


Frame – Solid Machine with Durable Heavy Duty Frame

Built to support the toughest workouts, the frame and deck is able to support up to maximum of 350lbs. Basically Livestrong actually sharing and using the same components with Matrix, Vision and Horizon models, which is under the same manufacturer Johnson Inc, so the reliability and durability is expected to be very good. With the combination of the frame design and the weight, all make Livestrong T1x a very stable and solid machine. Added, this heavy unit is includes with wheels allow you to easily roll it for easier relocation.


Running Surface – 20” x60”, 2-ply Commercial Grade Treadbelt

Livestrong T1x treadmill comes with a 20”x 60” 2-ply commercial grade belt which provide a wider spacious to allow you to move or run on it. This running surface is very suitable and spacious enough for average users and even taller users are very comfort on it.


Deck – Ultimate Deck Cushioning System With No silicone Lubricant Or Waxing Required

Livestrong T1x Treadmill with Ultimate Deck SystemLivestrong T1x is equipped with a commercial impact absorption system that can be found in health clubs around the world. The Maintenance-free hard-wax reversible 1″ deck is used at Livestrong T1x treadmill. No silicone lubricant or waxing required!

This Ultimate Deck Cushioning System automatically adjusts to provide each trainee with excellent joint protection and able to minimize stress on knees and joints during running. This cushioning guaranteed that will last up to 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance. Plus, the T1x treadmill is accessible with its low, 7.5-inch step-on height.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – The Gerkin Protocol Program

We really like the workout programs on Livestrong T1x treadmill although it only comes with few workout programs like most commercial treadmills but sufficient enough for gym members. The six programs include Manual, Target Heart Rate, Fat Burn, 5K, Rolling Hills, and the challenging Gerkin Protocol.

The Gerkin Protocol program is something special on Livestrong T1x as this program is based on tests used with firefighters and targets for cardiopulmonary health. The 15% inclines up to 15% helps trainees target different muscle groups and burn calories even more quickly compared with running on a flat surface.

Livestrong T1x treadmill is integrated with built-in Contact Grip sensor in handrail bar and telemetric HR receiver capability to monitor your heart-rate during workout.


Console – Well Designed, Clean and Easy to Read

Livestrong T1x Treadmill ConsoleThe Livestrong T1x treadmill has a well designed and easy to use console. There are an alphanumeric LED display window with continuous feedback about speed, incline, time elapsed, time remaining, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and pace. A scrolling message center assists you through setting up a workout. The display has nice with aesthetic lines and all this makes the entire treadmill look good.


Extra Accessory – Lack Of Entertainment

Livestrong T1x treadmill is lack of entertainment with no iPod hookup or TVs. It is truly a treadmill build for workout and has no fancy entertainment on it. Alternative; you may consider Livestrong T1xe with 7” TV screen but cost about $1,000 more.


Warranty – Limited Warranty Although With 3-Years In Home Labor Coverage

The labor warranty is awesome with up to 3 years in home labor warranty which indicate that Livestrong is very confident on the treadmill. However, the overall warranty package is limited with only 5 years frame & motor, 3 yrs parts and labor in total. This is truly a concern when you consider that other manufacturers offer 10-year warranties or better on their motors and frame.

Additional note, the warranty is only valid when the treadmill has been used for six hours per day or less.


Price – Big Price Tag

The Livestrong T1x treadmill comes with competitively price with big price tag at $5,195. As this is a new commercial model from Livestrong and have limited customer reviews on it, we no recommended you goes for a machine that costs this much unless on sales. If you are going to spend $5K on a home treadmill, get a proven model such as a LifeFitness Club Series, Cybex, or Precor commercial treadmill.

A good point to mention about Livestrong treadmill is a portion of their sales go to help Lance Armstrong’s Cancer foundation which is nice.


Wrap-up – Not Recommended Unless On Sales

Livestrong T1x treadmill is a durable machine with promising specification and features. The well-build heavy-duty durable frame, powerful AC motor and advanced deck configuration match the commercial competition for gym like quality workout. However, the warranties are too short and lack of entertainment compared to what other companies especially Livestrong T1x comes with the big price tag. There are lots of commercial treadmills like Precor, Landice and LifeFitness Club Series are sometimes available for less. Get a proven commercial model unless Livestrong T1x is going for sales. Shop around and you will thank me later!


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