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NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review
To start on the NordicTrack Commercial 1500 treadmill review, let’s have some brief history background on it before we go in detail. Commercial 1500 was introduced in late 2007, and has been giving a threaten for other treadmill competitor with always on best buy lists every year in its various incarnations. With the higher demand from market, NordicTrack is keeping the Commercial 1500 for a few years until now due to its enormous popularity and proven reliability. Treadmill reviews are always rate Commercial 1500 the best treadmill ever with its price range over the past few year. This is the latest version of the highly acclaimed Commercial 1500 model from NordicTrack with many advanced features.

In general, NordicTrack treadmill are not targeted to serious runner but someone that willing to get in shape but easily get bored for running. The Commercial treadmill series is built to a much higher specification with stronger construction and solid compare with other starter Nordic Track models. NordicTrack Commercial 1500 treadmill are having the best fitness entertainment and combining with all the lastest commercial technology include a powerful, DurX Pro™ commercial motor, full-length DuraStride™ cushioning and more. It not only delivers smooth, powerful performance, but workouts that are as effective as they are enjoyable. So, are NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill the best treadmill for you? Read more on below step-by-step review.
Specification:NordickTrack commercial1500 treadmill

  • Motor : 3.25 CHP DurX™ Commercial Pro Motor
  • Belt: 20″ x 60″ 2-Ply Commercial-Grade Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0–12 MPH 1-Touch™ Speed
  • Incline : -3–15% 1-Touch™ Incline
  • Decline : -3–0% 1-Touch™ Decline
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display: 8″ Backlit Display with RaceTrack™
  • User Weight Capacity : 350 lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime frame, motor and deck warranty, 5 years parts & electronics warranty, and 2 year labor warranty
  • MSRP : $2,499
  • Sale Price : $1,299


Note: Check your Nordic Track treadmill’s price from official website

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Again, the most attractive part of NordicTrack treadmills are not how good of their motor or how durable of their roller and frame, but innovation and comprehensive range of features. So i have not putting so much hope on the motor power. But suprisingly NordicTrack 1500 treadmill are powerful enough for a commercial grade treadmill. The DurX Pro™ 3.25 CHP Commercial Motor are having more power than an ordinary motor. This DurX Pro motor are using a direct cooling process which having an internal fan which able to extend the motor lifetime while you still can enjoy your exercise with longer periods. The motor is smooth, quite and spin-balanced.



SpaceSaver treadmill features design with an EasyLift™ Assist which includes a powerful shock that will help lift the deck with an easy push. Overall, the construction of the NordicTrack 1500 is solid and makes for a very rigid feel even during jogging.


Running Surface

There is a heavy-duty 20” x 60”, 2-ply commercial grade treadbelt is designed to operate more quietly than a normal treadbelt. The extra long 60″ Treadbelt which is the longest treadmill for NordicTrack are especially popular with runners or taller users, especially like me. I can pick up the pace without feeling like falling off the treadmill.

And the running surface are smooth enough as NordicTrack are featuring QuadFlex™ Cushioning get four times the protection and four times the comfort by reducing impact on joints with this air-based, shock cushioning system on extra-long treadbelt. This adjustable cushioning system which employs with a moveable isolator, that has been designed to reduce the impact on your ankles, knees and spine.



The deck on the Nordic Track Commercial 1500 are robust enough and can withstand the heaviest of use and able to accommodate weights up to 350 lbs. One of the most surprising features is the ability of the deck to decline. This feature is usually only found on more expensive treadmills and has the benefit of activating different muscles by walking at a decline. I can feel like my muscle are stimulate more and have been burn more calories than normal running on flat surface.


Workout Programs and Heart Rate Monitor

I am giving high score for NordicTrack Commercial 1500 in this part as it featuring with 24 Personal Trainer workout programs that automatically adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill which is really amazing. Each program focusing on an aerobic, weight loss or performance goal with an additional 4 “Create and Save” Workouts which let you design your own customized workouts. I can save my workout and to be used over and over again for personalized result.

Additional, it equipped with a CardioGrip heart rate monitor with Polar Wireless Chest Pulse which helps to monitoring your heart rate. Similar with other wireless Chest Pulse, I do feel the heart rate monitoring is not so efficient. Luckily it still features 2 sensors that are built into the handlebar which are more efficient compare with the wireless. I can monitor my heart rate ensures that I am always in the right training zone for my goals to getting more effective workout.
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iFit Live Technology

iFit Live technology featuring workouts training with Jillian Michaels personal trainer, and automatic speed and incline controls. This iFit technology is like having your own personal trainer provides specialized workouts and coaching through your workout. Ifit Live wireless technology powered by Google Map even connect your treadmill with trails all over the world for ultimate workout experience. I have try it with adding the thrill of competition to my workout with 5k races against my Facebook friends and this is exciting. I really enjoy it.

You will required an internet connection for this fantastic workout and have to pay a membership for this iFit Live feature. Commercial 1500 are only with ifit Live compatible which iFit Live module sold seperately. For me, of course this is not a good point as I still need to paid for the feature. But this allow some feaxibility as someone may not really like this feature then it will consider a waste. I am willing to pay for this because it really cool!

Additional note, if you like the iFit Live build-in directly with other similiar features , then you may consider NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill which is upgrade version of commercial 1500. It features with more powerful motor and include this iFit Live with only additional $500. You may get this cheaper if on sale.


NordickTrack-commercial1500-console Another cool part of NordicTrack Commercial 1500 is it’s console which having the next generation of LCD display screen technology – the Hi-Resolution Grafixx display. I can see my preferred workout information, such as calories, distance or elapsed time, at nearly 2” tall display. I can either show multiple information fields, for an overall picture of my workout, or show a single display as large as 1 ” tall, for targeted goal orientated training.

It also visually displays heartbeat or even show the racing against a virtual competitor through your workout with you. The Large, multi-color intensity profile displays your workout’s intensity visually


Extra Accessory

This treadmill has all the standard frills which have become fairly standard feature in higher end treadmill– a speaker system that even has a subwoofer that allows you to hook up a device, for example an ipod, and play the music through the treadmill itself. This is neat I guess, but I think a nearby stereo could accomplish the same thing. It’s still nice to have it to make your workout more enjoyable.

Additional, It has a nice fan that won’t replace a real fan, but can help keep your face cool a little bit to help your workout longer and more comfortable.



The Commercial 1500 treadmill are offers a Lifetime warranty on the Motor and Frame, with 5 years on parts and 2 year labor warranty. This is cosider a good warranty in this price range and i really like the extended labor warranty compare standard which is only 1 year.

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The price are a bit pricy at $2,499 MSPR but it always offer with tremendous value with sale priced at $1299. This still consider a best buy while price increasing compare with old model and I believe this likely due to NordicTrack add on the iFit features into the model. Additional, all NordicTrack treadmill are include free shipping if you get it directly from manufactuer. This can be consider a saving as shipping cost normally need $200-$300.



If you are in the market for a high-end treadmill that can take some abuse and not fall apart, look at this. NordickTrack Commercial 1500 is about as close as you can get to a real commercial treadmill without going to Precor or Landice and spending big time bucks. The treadmill is pack with many features and keeps you entertained and refresh for every workout. And it is sturdy with a powerful motor. I highly recommended this treadmill and grab this before the deal is gone.

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