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NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer Review

Nordic Track X7i incline trainer is an incredible cardio equipment machine from Nordic Track with a range of incline training to 40% and -6% declines to work different muscles. With the combination of incline and decline, Nordic Track X7i incline trainer will work virtually all the muscles in your legs, especially those used in hiking and climbing activities. The Terrain Simulator that features a 7″ full-color TV screen works well with iFit Live with automatic speed and incline controls with the 40% incline and negative -6% decline deck.

There are three incline trainers currently offered by Nordic Track which is X5i, X7i and X9i incline trainer. Among all three incline trainer, the Nordic Track X7i incline trainer is the best one and the most expensive one. Nordic Track is getting famous as those incline trainers have been used by obese contestants on The Biggest Loser with the direction of pro trainer, Jillian Michaels for burning 5X the fat and calories. The big stepper helps to get cardio-blasting workout to burn off excess calories at a faster rate.

Specification:Nordick Track X7i Incline Trainer

  • Motor : 3.0 CHP DurX™ Commercial Pro Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 55″ Quiet Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0-12 MPH 1-Touch™ Speed
  • Incline : 0-40% 1-Touch™ Incline
  • Decline : -6-0% 1-Touch™ Decline
  • Folding : No
  • Display : 7in. Full-Color Touch-Screen Display
  • User Weight Capacity : 350 lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame and Motor, 1-Year Parts and Labor
  • MSRP : $1,999


Note: Check your Nordic Track treadmill’s price from official website www.nordictrack.com.

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Motor – Sustain 40% Incline for 5X Calories Burn

The Nordic Track X7i incline trainer boasts by a 3.0 CHP DurX Commercial Motor. The drive system able to sustain speeds of up to 12 mph and inclines for up to 40%. Incline walking able to force muscles through a greater range of motion and gets faster result. The 25% of incline can burn up to 3X calories and the NordicTrack X5i incline trainer able to burn 5X calories with 40% calories as compared to walking on a flat incline. The Durx unit is spin-balanced, smooth and run effortlessly even the highest speeds and inclines.


Frame – Strong, Balanced And Solid

Although the motor is very important, it isn’t everything. The solidness of the frame and deck should be in your top 3 of important aspects to look for. In that regard, this treadmill is great. The weight capacity is 350 lbs, and the treadmill holds itself well. It holds strong, balanced, and solid as it build with 2.5″ precision-machined rollers, and a composite construction.


Deck – Reflex Deck Made With Same Wood Use For Snowboard

Reflex Deck Cushioning The deck for Nordic Track X7i incline trainer is made from popular wood that used for snowboards. This is one of the innovations from Nordic Track that designed to give the actual bow when you impact on the deck.

Added, the reflex deck cushioning able to reduce nearly 42% compared to running on asphalt. The whole deck is cushion and suspends nearly the whole deck btween two isolator. The cushioning system is very soft as per advertise when i running on it and better than others cushioning system which onlyuse single isolator in the middle for impact absortion.


Running Surface – Too Short For Taller User

NordicTrack X7i is comes with 20” x 55” treadbelt offers enough room for walking comfortably during incline and decline. If you look around, you can usually find other NordicTrack incline trainer X9i with longer treadbelt than this. But of course, it will be more costly compare with the NordicTrack X7i. If the running surface is one of the most important aspects to you, then you should make sure you look around at the others before settling on this one.

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Workout Programs and Heart Rate Monitor – Ability of Incline Up To 40% And Decline To 6%

Nordic Track X7i Incline and Decline AbilityTotal of 20 Calorie-Goal Workouts allow you to choose your calorie-burn goal and the program does the rest! Besides, one of the most surprising features of NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer is the ability of incline up to 40% and decline to 6%. NordicTrack is one of the few to offer a declining feature incline trainer. This feature further enhances your experience running up and down hills with Google Maps. There are 1-Touch incline/decline control can be adjusted by single touch of a button comparing with traditional scrolling option located beside the console.

NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer also equipped with a Dual Grip CardioGrip heart rate monitor. This helps you to make the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate via sensors that are built into the handlebars.


iFit Live Technology – Build-in With 12 Month Subscription

One of the main reason of customers for choosing NordicTrack X7i incline trainer is due to the iFit Live build in with 12 month subscription included with the price. The iFit software is one of the hottest workout program from ICON Fitness and it allows user to run the world from any room in your home with iFit Live Technology. Powered by Google Map, it works great with incline and decline ability from X7i incline trainer by hike simulated terrain in such exotic locations like Bright Angel at the Grand Canyon, Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier or any place you want to hike. Added, featuring workouts training with Jillian Michaels personal trainer, and automatic speed and incline controls help to burn your calories fast.


Console – Actual Experince with Physical and Viewing Display

Touch Screen Display on Nordic Track X7i Incline TrainerThe actual experience for physical terrain workout experience works well with the large 7″ touch screen display on the Nordic Track X7i which is integrated with iFit LIVE and powered by Google Map. This full-color touch-screen display is really neat when you’re using the iFit Live to run on different trails as it shows you the terrain in full color with Delicate Arch Trail at Arches National Park, or the the Diamond Head Trail in Hawaii.


Extra Accessory – Standard

The sound system of NordicTrack X7i incline trainer is another feature that can make your workouts more enjoyable. In fact, NordicTrack offers one of the best built-in sound systems in the industry. The Intermix Acoustics 2.0 is delivering incredible clarity, while reproducing a sweeping range of audio frequencies. Just plug in your iPod or Mp3 player and listen to your favorite tunes while you workout

The large 8″ AutoBreeze fan kicks out some breeze and targets your core by automatically changes airflow to match your workout speed. You can also choose to set it on a specific setting like low, medium or high.


Warranty – Recommend for Extended Warranty

NordicTrack X7i incline trainer treadmill boasts of Lifetime frame & motor, 1 year parts & labor. As we will more boasting on motor for higher incline for better workout experience, we recommend for extended 1 or 2 years warranty especially labor for better coverage.


Price – Always Check For The Best Deal

NordicTrack X7i incline trainer is one of the best seller from Nordic Track due to its ability of incredible 40% incline and -6% decline. With all the incredible features, this X7i incline trainer is currently on sale price of $1,999. To sweeten the deal, NordicTrack is offering free shipping with no additional charges.

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Wrap-up – Best For Those Walkers Who Like Steep Uphill

Nordic Track X7i For X5 Calories BurnIncline trainers are meant for walkers who like steep uphill courses and Nordic Track X7i incline trainer meet all the expectation. The features with 40% incline and -5% decline is able to burn X5 calories and work on different muscles. Runners or walker who prefer flat surface cardio workout are advised still goes for traditional treadmill. As one of the ultimate incline trainer, X7i comes with all the features with a strong 3.0 CHP motor, reflex deck cushioning for better joint protection, innovation iFit Live build-in for real workout experience with its ability of 40% incline and -6% decline. Overall, NordicTrack X7i is one of the best incline trainers on the market right now.

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