Proform 850T Treadmill

Proform 850T Treadmill Review

Proform 850T treadmill is Proform newer treadmill this year with a reasonable price. As part of ProForm new line up “Tech Series” treadmill, Proform are featuring with quite a lot of new most up to date technologies in Proform 850T treadmill to challenge your body including Quick™ Workout Apps where you can choose time, distance or calorie burning goal and optional iFit Live Technology where can run famous trails all over the world with Google maps or featuring workouts training with Jillian Michaels personal trainer, and automatic speed and incline controls.

Here we go for Proform 850T treadmill review for closer look.

Specification:Proform 890T Treadmill

  • Motor : 2.25 CHP Mach Z™ Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 55″ Treadbelt
  • Speed : 1-12 MPH QuickSpeed™
  • Incline : 0-12% Quick Incline™
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display : 6″ Backlit Display
  • User Weight Capacity : 300lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame Warranty, 25-Year Motor Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor.
  • Web Price : $1,299
  • Best Deal : $749


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Motor – Adequate For Average Users

Powering Proform 850T is a 2.5 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor which ideal for walker and light jogger. This Commercial Grade Mach Z Motor employs an internal fan for cooling internal components and extends the motor’s life. With this cooling fan, it allows you to exercise for longer periods of time, while maintaining smooth, consistent operation. I enjoy my workout with 12 mph speed or 12% power incline without constrain the motor horsepower. The motor are smooth, spin-balanced and more than enough to handle light joggers. Proform 850T comes with 25 years of motor warranty. Some may compare with lifetime warranty offer by other models, but for me, 25 years of motor warranty is more than enough for a treadmill used.


Frame – Folding DesignProform 850T Folding Treadmill

ProForm 850T is a Space Saver treadmill which can be folded vertically for easy storage. This folding feature allows you to fold the treadmill into an upright position with occupy smaller floor area after workout.


Running Surface – Ideal for Jogger/Walker

Comes with a 20”x 55” treadbelt which is an average length for treadmill. This lengthy is ideal for walker and tall jogger will find this treadmill a bit confining. Additional, this running surface is cushioning with ProShox™ Lite cushioning which helps to relieve some of the impact on joints when you walk or run. This ProShox™ Lite Cushioning will compress your step and responds to your stride evenly to offers a truly comfortable workout.


Workout Programs and Heart Rate Monitor – Impressive

ProForm 850T treadmill comes with an impressive variety of workouts up to 24 innovation Quick™ Workout Apps which split into three functional groups that automatically adjusts your speed, incline and workout time to meet your fitness or weight loss goals.

These three functional groups consist of the following which have been designed by a certified personal trainer;

  • 8 Calorie Workouts to help you burn between 200-700 calorie-burning calories and lose weight workouts. You can have a more accurate calorie by input your weight information.
  • 8 Timed Workouts where you can select between 20 – 60 minute workout times that automatically adjusts your speed and inclines to achieve your goals.
  • 8 Distance Workouts, choose from 1-mile, 2-mile, 3K, 5K, 5-mile, half marathon or marathon distances, that offer training programs for specific distance races and automatically adjusts your speed and incline to match the workout.

Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor makes the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate with these built-in handlebar sensors. Build-in handlebar heart rate monitor are always more functionable comparing with the wireless. They will ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals


iFit Live Technology – Only Compatible

iFit Live technology featuring workouts training with Jillian Michaels personal trainer, and automatic speed and incline controls. This iFit technology is like having your own personal trainer provides specialized workouts and coaching through your workout. You can select weight-loss, performance or wellness goals and listen as Jillian Michaels coaches you through your program. IFit Live technology powered by Google Map even connect your treadmill with trails all over the world for ultimate workout experience.

But these entire things are not totally free for Proform 850T treadmill. Proform 850T is only with iFit Live compatible and you will still required an iFit Live Module which sold separately and subscript to iFit. Of course internet connection for this fantastic workout. Additional, in order to utilize the Google Maps feature, you need a browser-compatible machine like a laptop or smart phone. Proform 850T is having a ready slot in the console to fit your laptop. But if all these iFit features are confusing you and you is not willing to pay for these extra, you can still using the 24 built-in workouts to start immediately. And I believe the 24 programs are more than enough. But iFit Live is truly an amazing workout experience, I am willing to pay for it but the decision is up to you.


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Console – Easy To Use With Quick Speed/Incline Control

Proform 890T Treadmill Console
Proform 850 treadmill comes with a backlit 6″ console makes it easy to read your workout statistic. Besides, ProForm 850T comes equipped with “QuickSpeed” control in the console. This control panel helps you to easily jump to any speed within the range 0 – 12 MPH with one touch at any time during your workout. You can decrease your speed immediately when you are tired and need a break, or increase it instantly for a challenging burst. With similar concept, there is also “QuickIncline” control, where you can be adjusted within the range 0 -12 deg to simulate running uphill and add both challenge and variety to your exercise session.


Extra Accessory – iPod Compatible

Entertainment needs are catered for with an Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system producing a rich, equalized sound. This 2.0 Intermix Acoustics sound system is one of Proform’s more advanced speaker systems. I do feel that the sound is much better than many similar treadmills with music ports. Proform 850T treadmill is iPod compatible where you can enjoy your workout with favorite music enable iPod or MP3 player. You can put your iPod rests on the console shelf, so that it is within easy reach.

The ProForm 850T is equipped with a Core Cooling Fan incorporated into the console offers a cooling comfort, even during intense training, for longer work out.


Warranty – Average

ProForm 850 T is protected with a Lifetime Frame Warranty, 25-Year Motor Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor. Additionally the manufacturer states that if you register your product you can add another full year of protection to the 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty. This extended warranty that end up saving you a lot of money if something goes wrong with your treadmill.


Price – Proform Start Offering Steep Sales, Go Grab it

Reviews on Proform 850T are mixed, mainly due to it’s pricing. With MSPR of $1,299, Proform 850T hardly to compare with to leading treadmills at this price point. Plus, Proform do make some confusing promotion and price adjustment on Proform 850T. But, if Proform 850T with a steep discount, 850T will become a attractive model with innovation features as mentioned above.

Note: Proform start offering steep sales at Proform 850T from $1,299 to $749. This is absolutely a very good buy!


Wrap-up – Absolutely Good Buy After Price Mark Down

In conclusion, Proform 850T is a about average treadmill under-$1500 range with solid 2.5 HP motor, respectable warranty, heart rate control, 20 x 55″ belt, and higher 12 MPH and 12% incline levels, and quick app workouts to reach your goals and all the basics you need. But for the $1,299 list price, it is not the best choice for a treadmill unless on sales. I do recommended other Proform model with more value with less price. Try check out the ProForm Power 995 or the ProForm Trailrunner 2.0 review for closer look.

Note: However, at the end of 2011, Proform start offering steep sales on Proform 850T which make it a very good buy at only $749. This is absolutely a good buy especially with all generous and incredible features from proform.

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