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Reebok Treadmill

Brand Name Appeal Treadmill

Well-known and popular with fitness enthusiasts mainly because of the brand name, Reebok are name recognition by its trademark. But surprisingly, company that build the Reebok treadmill has no affiliation with the shoe company. Company behind the Reebok home treadmill are actually by ICON Health and Fitness; the largest retailer of budget machines, which also manufactured other well-known brands include NordicTrack, Epic, Weslo, Proform and Image treadmills. All these brand are build under the same manufacturing facility and distinguishes each other by configuration. Take note that only those treadmills made for home use came from Icon, Reebok commercial gym treadmill are build by different company. Most of the Reebok home treadmill come with 2-2.5 HP motor and 20 x 60 inch wide treadbelt.  Design values are very good when it comes to the treadmill frame and deck, which are extremely stable and durable, and the decks are large enough to accommodate all but the tallest of runners. The down side is that Reebok machines have motors that aren’t really large enough for the oversized belts in some cases. You may get a motor burn-out sooner rather than later.


Why choose Reebok Treadmill

  1. Name recognition – Many people who have never heard of Precor  or Landice instantly recognize the name Reebok and think of quality. Reebok treadmill are definitely appeals to purchasers who like something they can show off as well as work out on.
  2. Feature packed machines – iFit technology  featuring workouts training with Jillian Michaels personal trainer, incline trainers, fold away features compare with standard power incline and quick speed features. Reebok treadmills no doubt a features packed machines to make your workout become an interesting exercise
  3. Some of fitness equipment giant Icon’s other brands of exercise treadmill like Proform and Weslo are notorious for their short warranties. However the warranties for parts and labor on Reebok are fairly good.


Reebok Treadmill Price Range

Reebok treadmill tend to offer higher end treadmills with improved construction, backed up with extended warranties and fall somewhere between the $1000 and $1700 range, which is still comparably inexpensive and much higher cost when compared with other treadmill brands that come with an almost identical specification. Reebok treadmills are priced for the features and the specifications of the treadmill. If you are Reebok loyalist who’s willing to pay more for a treadmill because of its brand name, you’re doing the right choice if you are looking for a light duty treadmill.

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