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Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Sole F63 Treadmill is definitely a simply the best quality treadmill in its price range. Sole F63 treadmill has been rated best buy by numerous consumer resources and magazines over the past few years. Overall Sole F63 is a solid folding treadmill with quality component which Sole treadmill famous for it. At the sale price of $999, Sole F63 is an unbelievable value and it is really very hard to find a durable treadmill in this price range. Even shipping is included if you get directly from factory and this is what I really consider as a good selling point of Sole. Sole F63 consider a starter treadmill for Sole treadmill and it is one of the better choices for anyone who will regularly walk or jog, but not for serious runners. It look like everything are perfect for a lower price treadmill. But are this model is as good as advertised and worth for invest? Let’s have a deeper look on Sole F63 treadmill together.

Specification:Sole F63 Treadmill

  • Motor : 3.0 HP Continuous Duty
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″, 2-ply treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Incline : 0-15% Incline
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display : LCD Blue display
  • User Weight Capacity : 325 lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame & Motor, 3-Yrs Deck, Electronic, Parts and 1-Yr Labor
  • MSRP : $1,899
  • Sale Price : $999


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Motor – High Torque Motors with Flywheels

Powering the F63 treadmill is a 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor that allows for speeds up to 12mph and inclines up to 15%. Motor power are good than enough for walking and jogging on Sole F63. If you need more serious run, you might need to consider Sole F80 or Sole F85 which can stand for more robust and hard pound on it. There are a large diameter, all-steel zinc coated balanced flywheel fitted on the motor for cooler and help to extend the lifetime of the motor. Previously Sole F63 are offering twenty years of motor warranty only which compare with remaining models with lifetime warranty. But for me, this twenty years of motor warranty are essentially same as a lifetime warranty as you might not using your treadmill for more than twenty years, do you think so? But Sole treadmill are so good and have been standardize all the motor warranty to lifetime. This make Sole F63 are even worth for investment.


Frame – Bullet Proof Framessole f63 folding treadmill

The F63 treadmill are finish protected with epoxy powder coated paint for all-steel construction, heavy duty frame and are robust enough to support for a 325 lbs user weight. This durable frame are come with lifetime warranty.

Notice that there are 2 1/2 inches high-end rollers that are usually fitted on higher end treadmills in Sole F63 treadmill. These 2.75” rollers with a sealed bearing design and copper ground wires for each roller to reduce static make your workout smooth, quiet and more enjoy.

Additional, Sole F63 are with SpaceSaver treadmill features design with the deck can folds vertically for storage. The EasyLift Assist which includes a powerful shock that will help lift the deck with an easy push allows you to release the deck, step back and the deck will then unfold itself effortlessly.


Running Surface – Double Woven 2-ply belts With Four Layers

During testing, we found the 20”x60” running surface is cushioned well as advertised, same as other Sole treadmills. This 2-ply consists of two rubber layers over a middle PVC layer and a nylon backing that rolls over the deck and rollers. It feel really, really great while running. Not only the cushioning, but the stability make jogging/running on Sole F63 treadmill a real joy.


Deck – Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

The Sole F63 treadmill is fitted with a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which claims is an industry’s best deck that providing a 0.365 lower impact than walking or running on asphalt. This unique system offers stability for the user while providing minimal stress to hips, knees ankles and spine during running on it. In our testing, we scored quite high on this feature as we do feel the deck is soft and less impact on the joint. Sole F63 deck is also in lifetime warranty.


Sole Treadmills. Commercial-grade fitness at home


Workout Programs and Heart Rate Monitor

The Sole F63 treadmill combines 6 pre-programmed fitness workouts with two custom workout programs. These six pre-programmed workouts including cardio training and fat burning specific programs but there are no heart rate program in Sole F63. Majority of treadmills will include heart rate program for treadmill sells at around $1,000 price range. And i do wish to see a dual-grip sensor or wireless heart rate monitor program in Sole F63. Unfortunately no and this consider a draw back from my view point.


Console – Convenient Controls

sole f63 console

The console of the F63 treadmill is user friendly with a vibrant display. The Blue LCD display all fitness information include Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse and Pace. There is also a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs.

The F63 treadmill’s console also incorporates a single LCD Message Board system to guide through the fitness workout. It is very easy to use and will also recap your entire fitness workout after you are finished.



Extra Accessory – Newly Added Bluetooth Capability

The Sole F63 console are with a built-in speakers allow you to hook up any MP3 player or iPOD for listening and this is important to redure the treadmill boredom. Unfortunately, the sound system aren’t really good and actually Sole could make this better. But unless you expect a Bose system on your treadmill, this speaker issue are not a big deal for me. There are also twin workout cooling fans built but i hardly feel the wind blow to me. Another downside.

The 2016 released version now included with bluetooth capability, allowed users to transfer their workout data into smart device for tracking.


Warranty – Not Too Bad

Same with others Sole treadmill, Sole F63 warranty are backed with lifetime warranty on frame and motor. 3 years for part, deck, electronic and 1 year labor which lesser than more expensive models with 5 years and 2 years labor warranty. This consider a good deal for models around $1,000 price range and fair than enough. If you looking for longer warranty, maybe you can take Sole F80 treadmill which is up-graded version of Sole F63 with longer warranty.


Price – Free Shipping And Zero Sale Tax

Sole F63 are always offer with tremendous value with sale priced at $999. You won’t find a better deal for a treadmill in this price range for a very good foldable treadmill from a reliable company. Free shipping even included and zero sale tax(Utah excluded) if you get it directly from Sole. This can be consider a saving as shipping cost normally need $200-$300. So don’t fooled by the extra saving from some of the local store, you can actually get it cheaper if you get directly from Sole store as shipping included.


Wrap-up – Simply The Best Quality Treadmill In Its Price Range

General, Sole F63 is a dependable, durable folding treadmill for jogger who will use it regularly but not for serious runner who will use it for intensive workout. Sole F63 are using the best components backed with good warranty with acceptable price range in $999 during sale. It truly with everything you need for workout treadmill. If there are added with heart rate program then this treadmill are really worth for every penny. I highly recommended Sole F63 treadmill although with some draw back but it still consider a good deal. Always remembers grab it when only there are sale price.


Sole Treadmills. Commercial-grade fitness at home

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