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Sole F85 Treadmill Review

Sole F85 treadmill, another best buy treadmill model from excellent Sole Treadmill with thousand of positive reviews from numerous runner’s site and journals. Sole F85 treadmill no doubt is the top model in the folding series and Sole’s number one seller, this folding treadmill incorporates all the specs of the F83 plus features the highest horse power motor that Sole offers. Treadmill Doctor have been reviewed Sole F85 “The Best Folding Treadmill in the planet”. Althrough I am not truly trust on Treadmill Doctor, but i do agree on the rating and review for Sole F85. Similiar with Sole F80 treadmill, Sole F85 has a long standing reputation for durability but you will unable to find fancy features on Sole F85. Proven by rigorous commercial environment by Hilton Hotel chain for in-room fitness, Sole F85 is truly a low maintenance running machine that is built to take a beating and very suitable for serious runners.

Good news! Sole continue to made Sole F85 standing ahead and best buy in its price range by increase the motor horsepower from 3.5 CHP to 4.0 CHP, wider running surface from 20″ x 60″ to 22″ x 60″ and additional Bluetooth Capability at 2016 released model.

Specification:Sole F85 Treadmill

  • Motor : 4.0HP Continuous Duty
  • Belt : 22″ x 60″ ,Double Woven 2-Ply treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Incline : 0-15% Incline
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display : Backlit Blue LCD display
  • User Weight Capacity : 400 lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck, 5-Yrs Parts, Electronic and 2-Yrs Labor.
  • MSRP : $2,999
  • Sale Price : $1,999


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Motor – Commercial Ultra High Torque Motor

Powering the F85 treadmill is a 4.0 HP Continuous Duty, Ultra High Torque Motor that allows for speeds from 0.5 to 12mph and inclines up to 15%. Sole F85 treadmill is pair with the most powerful motor with highest horse power that Sole offers. In fact, this ultra high torque motor is one of the most powerful motor in fitness industry. The motor fitted with larger diameter, balanced flywheel which can help the motor run cooler and extend the motor lifetime. And lifetime warranty goes for Sole F85 motor.


Frame – Bullet Proof Flame

Sole F85 Folding TreadmillThe folding frame design for the Sole F85 treadmill originated from the demand of hotels for a treadmill as mobile as a room service cart, yet still stable and powerful.The Double Horseshoe Folding Frame allows user to move the treadmill with ease. With the deck in the upright and locked position treadmills are as mobile and stable as a moving dolly.

Sole F85 treadmill has a great, easy up and down fold-up mechanism. The space saver design (folding) EasyLift Assist which includes a powerful shock that will help lift the deck with an easy push allows you to release the deck, step back and the deck will then unfold itself effortlessly. The Safety Lock Deck design locks the deck into place when the treadmill is in the upright position.

In summary, Sole F85 with folding space saver and Safety Lock deck design with a double horseshoe frame for moving around. I believe all the folding mechanism mentioned above are very hard to find in a treadmill, but you can find all those features just in Sole F85 alone. The construction of the Sole F85 is solid and makes for a very rigid feel even during jogging.


Running Surface – Very Spacious

Sole F85 are so generous by providing 22”x60 running surface with double woven 2 ply treadbelt. This consists of two rubber layers over a middle PVC layer and a nylon backing that rolls over the deck and rollers. This extra long running surface can accommodate long strides and perfectly suit for tall individuals. Sole have been increasing the width of running surface from 20” to 22” which normally found at commercial treadmill. This have been made Sole F85 even worth to purchasing. I personally very like this long and wide running surface and i believe you will feel the same with me. The treadbelt comes with Cushion Flex shock absorption deck.


Roller – Extra Large Crowned Rollers

High-end rollers that are usually fitted on higher end treadmills is found on Sole F85 treadmill. Why these larger rollers are very important? This is because larger roller surface will giving less revolutions with less wear and tear on the treadbelt, motor and other component on treadmill. It is also very important to reduce the noise level. So I am very appreciate with Sole F85 in giving this great features in Sole F85. Extra large 2.75″ Crowned Rollers with a sealed bearing design and copper ground wires for each roller to reduce static make your workout smooth, quiet and more enjoy


Deck – High Score

Sole F85 treadmill is fitted with a Cushion Flex Deck which claims is an industry’s best deck that providing a 0.365 lower impact than walking or running on asphalt. This unique system offers stability for the user while providing minimal stress to hips, knees ankles and spine during running on it. In our testing, we scored quite high on this feature as we do feel the deck is soft and less impact on the joint. Deck is also in lifetime warranty.

Sole Treadmills. Commercial-grade fitness at home


Workout Programs and Heart Rate Monitor – Pretty Less

The Sole F85 treadmill combines 6 pre-programmed fitness workouts with two custom workout programs and 2 separate heart rate fitness programs. A bit less but i am satisfied with the program.

Heart rate monitoring on the F85 treadmill is taken care off by sensors on the hand grip and also a wireless chest strap. The Programmable Heart Rate Controlled Workout shows the persons heart rate on the console and the treadmill will adjust incline to keep the heart rate at a determined level.

Additional, there are speed and incline control on the arm rests and this make it easily handy without reach the console. This is a good feature especially when you are picking up the pace and don’t want to throw off the stride. As a runner, I particularly like this small features as i won’t break my stride when i change up the speed and incline without having to lean over the console.


Console – User Friendly

sole f85 console

The console of the F85 treadmill is user friendly with a vibrant display. The Backlit Blue LCD display all fitness information include Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse and Pace. There is also a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs.

The F85 treadmill’s console also incorporates a Message Board system where an alphanumeric text center will sending the scrolling messages to the user to guide through the fitness workout. It is very easy to use and will also recap your entire fitness workout after you are finished.


Extra Accessory – Standard

Music is always an excellent motivator when exercising. Sole F85 built-in speakers are ready to allow you to hook up any MP3 player or iPOD for listening and this is important to reduce the treadmill boredom. I have plug-in my iPod with music enable during my workout.

There are a also twin workout cooling fans incorporated into the console which will help to keep your core cooler. Still it cannot replace a real fan, but it do help to keep your face cool a little bit for longer workout.


Warranty – Good Coverage

You might notice that all the Sole treadmill are comes with 2 years labor warranty. The 2 years labor coverage is exceptional and it consider a bonus for Sole as majority of treadmill brands are only come with 1 year labor warranty. With lengthy labor warranty, your treadmill are having better coverage and it may end up saving you a lot of money if something goes wrong with your treadmill. This impressive warranty are apply to Sole F85. In total you will received lifetime frame, motor and deck warranty, with 5-years electronic, parts and 2-years labor warranty.


Price – New Lower Price

The Sole F85 is a great value for money treadmill for serious runners. This is very hard to believe that this best folding treadmill in the planet, Sole F85 are only sell with sales price at $1,999 in Sole official website. If you get it directly from Sole, you are eligible to receive a free shipping and zero sale tax of your Sole treadmill.


Wrap-up – Best For Runner

Sole F85 treadmill may just be the best folding treadmill for runners with a powerful motor, extra long running surface and an impressive warranty that every runner always wanted. This quality machine is sold at reasonable price and back up with impressive 2 years warranty. I am highly recommended Sole F85 in my must buy list.


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