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Spirit XT485 Treadmill Review

Spirit XT 485 Treadmill is the best fold-up unit from Spirit Fitness which famous for durable, reliable and solid construction. In fact, this treadmill is specially design and build for runners and capable of handling a lot of hard pounding. It features with a powerful enough 3.5HP continuous duty drive motor that is smooth, quiet and reliable and an expansive 20″ x 60″ running surface which is very suitable for runners. The extra-heavy gauge steel tubing gives a stable base which makes XT485 very stable and support for constant pound at high speed.

Compare with Spirit XT385, XT485 obviously is more suitable for runners. The console display is more suitable for runners where XT485 displays pace and calories per hour which the XT385 does not. Runners like it most especially you can check your speed and incline profile at the same time by the tri-color display.

However, if you’re someone that looks for treadmill that comes with tons of additional workout program or entertainment features, we very sorry that you won’t able to find it at Spirit XT485 treadmill, or maybe we can say all the Spirit treadmills. Spirit XT485 is a choice of hard-core runners who are looking for solid, heavy-duty machine with minimal programming. The quality is assured as now we still hear from satisfied customers who have been using Spirit Fitness products for decades.

Note: Spirit sells through a network of dealers and not direct to the public which required picked up or delivered locally. However, you still can get the sprit’s treadmills from their licensed dealers that trade online like Amazon.com. In fact, there are offering some discount and free gift from them. Do your smart calculation here!

Spirit XT485 treadmillSpecification:

  • Motor : 3.5 HP Continuous duty motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″, 1.5 ply″ treadbelt
  • Speed : 0 to 12 mph
  • Incline : 0-15% grade
  • Folding : Yes
  • Display : 9” blue backlit LCD
  • User Weight Capacity : 425 lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime warranty on the frame, motor,deck and 10 year on the parts and 1 year labor
  • MSRP : $2,199
  • Sale Price : $1,999


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Motor – Stable Motor Mount and Good Airflow Circulation

Spirit Ventilation Airflow DesignPowering the Spirit XT 485 treadmill is a powerful enough High-torque 3.5 HP continuous motor which allows for speeds from 0.5 to 12mph and inclines up to 15%. This is most powerful motor with highest horse power that Sprit offers for home residential use and very suitable for advanced runners. Lifetime warranty goes for Spirit XT485 motor.

In fact, Spirit Fitness has been investing a lot of money into the treadmill design especially for motor as motor is the main bond for the treadmill. Luckily the investment is worth as customer reviews and feedbacks are very positive and happy with their design. The case motor mount which will help to prevent the motor from shifting which resulting loosen belt and following feel like very slipping. The result, motor is sturdy and almost quiet, which is more than we hoped for.

Added, in order to prevent heat generating which will destroys electronics, Spirit comes with ventilation design for motor cover and using large aluminum frames on lower electronics which will act as heat sinks to absorb excess heat.


Frame -Commercial Grade Structural Steel

Commercial Grade Structural Steel with Aluminum Step Rails makes Spirit XT485 a truly solid, heavy-duty treadmill which capable of handling a lot of hard pounding. Spirit XT485 is using high-quality bearings rather than bushings to ensure a longer life. The 2.75” rear roller is large enough to keep the treadbelt running smoothly and quietly and helps eliminate excess wear and tear on the belt, bearings, and motor.

The deck is 1” thick phenolic with silicone lubricated, which is a factor for overweight individuals. With total assembled weight of 268 lbs, Spirit XT485 treadmill can withstand up to 425 lbs weight capacity. The heavy weight is part of the contribution for the stability.

The folding deck design with “Soft-Drop” assist allow easily maneuver the unit out of the way when not in use and helps prevent the platform from falling too quickly. Just fold it and glide it away while the treadmill stays in an upright, folded position.


Running Surface – Good Enough For A Runner

Spirit is so generous by providing Spirit XT485 a 20”x60 running surface with double woven 2-ply treadbelt. This consists of two rubber layers over a middle PVC layer and a nylon backing that rolls over the deck and rollers. This extra long running surface can accommodate long strides and perfectly suit for tall individuals.

The cushioning system of Spirit XT485 is not too bad. It comes with 6 cushions rear rigid mount which will evenly distributed throughout the unit to ensure a comfortable experience. The orthopedic belt slightly helps on the cushioning too.

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Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – The Fusion Program

Handle-based Speed And Incline AdjustmentSpirit XT485 treadmill combines 8 pre-programmed fitness workouts including Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calorie, Fusion with 2 heart rate fitness programs. It allows for two user profile where two people can store personal information and design a custom program that can be saved for future use. A bit less but I am satisfied with the program in term of runner aspect. Why runners need more?

Take not of the Fusion Program where you will only found at Spirit XT485 and XT685 higher end treadmill. There are integrates cardiovascular, strength, and active rest intervals all into one program. The message center on the LCD screen will prompts you when to perform each activity.

The ability to adjust the incline (left) and speed (right) on the handlebar, even when you are in motion, is very convenient features. If you decide not to use them, simply press the Disable button on the console. The incline level goes all the way up to a 15% incline which is good to have as most treadmills only incline up to a maximum grade of 12% or less.

The contact heart rate sensors are on the handler bar and polar telemetry belt with heart rate strap is included for monitoring the heart rate during workout.


Console – Muscle Activation And Heart Rate % Profile

Console with Muscle Activation ProfileSpirit XT485 comes with a 7.5” blue backlit LCD screen with integrated reading rack which display Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, Pace, Avg. Pace, Altitude, Laps, Segment Time, Avg. Heart Rate, and Heart Rate. The pace and calories per hour high rated by runners and they like it! There are multiple locations to adjust the speed and elevation, whether on the console, using quick keys, or even on the handlebars.

The Muscle Activation Profile lights up are one of the special features for Spirit XT485 treadmill. There is an anatomical figure that specifies which muscles are minimally and maximally activated. It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout by using your glute (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), calf, pec and arm muscles.

The Heart Rate % Profile shows your percent heart rate compared to your maximum projected heart rate. Both profile displays are a quick reference for you to gauge your workout.

Quick keys are available which allow users to quickly adjust program a specific incline or speed by few strikes. Here you can select up to 0.5 – 12 mph speed and 0 – 15% incline.


Extra Accessory – Standard

There are audio jack for digital music listening where you can plug in your MP3, Smart phone, or digital tuner into this jack for music broadcasting. It cannot compare with stereo sound system, but still good. I enjoy my workout with the music enable. The center mounted swivel fan helps keep cools for longer workout.


Warranty – Best Warranty Backed By Years of Fitness Experiences

With more than thirty years of experiences in building fitness products, Spirit understands what customer need and what we really want. Spirit knows what happens to fitness products not just after two years or five years, but more than ten to fifteen years.

The 10-year warranty on parts is a much better warranty than most treadmills have as majority of treadmill brands only offer with 5 years on parts. Such warranty testifies that both manufacturer and dealer believe in this XT 485 and indicate of its fine construction. In total you will receive lifetime frame, motor and deck warranty, with 10-years parts and 1-year labor warranty.


Price – Cheaper At Retailer

One good thing from Spirit treadmills are they will not mark up the pricing and then advertised with sales or promotion. The price tag for Spirit XT485 is $2,199, that’s it. However, we would recommend you get the XT 485 from Spirit’s licensed dealer Amazon.com. at $1,999 ($200 cheaper at spirit.com) with free shipping and 30 moneys back guarantee. It also offers free gift like double your warranty, or workout DVD for the purchase. A good deal, right?

Note: You may need to consider upgrade your shipping to White Glove Local Inside Delivery and assembly with additional $299. The product is 268 lbs weight.


Wrap-up – Comparable with Sole F85

In term of quality and features, Spirit XT485 is very similar with Sole F85, one of the best buy treadmills from Sole which awarded with thousand of positive reviews from numerous runners’ site. Again, Spirit and Sole are both made by Draco, so basically their design are very similar and equal in quality. However, XT485 sold slightly expensive than Sole F85 due to the warranty coverage on 10 years parts which is better coverage than Sole. The special features like muscle activation profile, handle-based speed and incline adjustment, stable motor mount and better airflow circulation, all make Spirit XT485 even worth for investment especially for a runner. We recommend you go for a good Sole F85, so here we think for Spirit XT485 treadmill too!

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