Treadmill Cushioning System

Why Treadmill Cushioning is very Important

It is very important to look into shock absorption capabilities of your treadmill you are using in preventing injuries on your foots, knees and lower back. Whenever your footsteps hits the deck, a similiar force is trasmitted back up towards your legs. The impact are huge as it might twice of your body weight. With the shock absortion system, what we called treadmill cushioning system, will help to dissipate some of that force transmitted back to your legs directly. The better cushioning, the more shock are absorted and kept within the material, the longer time you can enjor your workout without injuries.

How Treadmill Cushioning Works

Most treadmills will use rubber or springs for shock absorption. The most preferred way is using rubber for cushioning which incorporate into variable durometer elastomers with softer at front compare with back. Softer rubber, located at the front of the deck, provide maximum cushioning and absorption when your foot lands. Stiff rubber at the back, in the other hand, are with more stable cushioning. The idea is simple because user will normally have a solid push off at the back and a nice cushiony pad at the front. Additional note, remember to replace the rubber cushioning elastomers once every five years. Rubber tends to dry out and we therefore recommend the change in order to provide maximize cushioning.

Some cheap treamills tend to use springs for shock absorption which even giving worst impact to your body. The reason is simple, springs actually do absort the impact but it “spring” and release back the negative energy back to the user which will make the situation worst. So, Always remember to avoid those treadmill with spring.

Treadmill cushioning system are very important, but this technology are also very expensive. By considering the leading models for cushioning like Landice, Precor, Star Trac, pricing is one of the blocking point. Are those mid price range treadmill brands also also providing cushioning system and which one are the best among thousand of treadmill models? While some brand are known for their excellent cushioning systems on all treadmills, other brands offer highly rated cushioning on specific models only.

So read below for more useful information!

Quality Range Treadmill

Landice VFXPlus cushioning system

Landice, famous with “softer-than-grass” VFX system which is one of the best shock absorption systems on the market today. This soft absotion system guides the deck strictly in the vertical plane, eliminating any lateral movement and creating an optimal running surface. “Flexing/Springboard” deck designs tend to neglect lateral stability, which can result in joint injury.

Precor featuring with Ground Effects® Impact Control System technology absorbs shock at the point of impact and provides maximum stability at push-off. This multi-zone impact control provide variable absorption, while adding important lateral stability to prevent injury.

Mid-Price Range Treadmill

Sole treadmills (except the F63) use Cushion Flex cushioning, a controlled low impact design with the treadmill deck, all-steel frame, and incline system working together. Study shows Sole’s Cushion Flex able to reduce impact by 40% compared to running on asphalt. This Cushion Flex cushioning have been introduced in late 1992 and still recognized as one of the best cushioning systems in the industry.

NordicTrack have two type of cushioning system, ComfortShock™ Cushioning on cheaper models and DuraStride™ Adjustable Cushioning in its better treadmills. Both cushioning system are designed to reduce the impact on your ankles, knees, spine and rated highly by many users.

Budget Price Range Treadmill

ProForm uses a ProTech™ Adjustable Cushioning System, reduce impact up to 33%, on its more advanced models where you can change the cushioning to suit your preference. Other treadmill cushioning systems include ProSoft Cushioning (reduces impact up to 22%), and the ProStride Impact-Reducing Cushioning (20% impact reduction).

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