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Yowza Boca Treadmill Review

Yowza Boca treadmill, the next generation of professional grade home treadmills featured with almost all the latest advanced and smart technologies from Yowza Fitness. Released at 2015, Yowza Boca truly impressed the fitness market by its innovation and excellent engineering features design including Intelligent Weight Management(IWM) System that managing your weight by getting you the custom-designed workout results, myLiveLight application that giving you the ability to track your caloric intake vs. calories burned. In fact, Yowza Boca is the first treadmill that combine IWM software and myLiveLight application for optimize workout based on weight, BMI, food intake and workout progress in real time.

Added, the Yowza’s patented Swing-Arm Suspension cushioning technology is included in Yowza Boca treadmill, helps to minimizes impact while improving calorie burn rate by up to 23%. The hands-free, dynamic Motion Controlled System allows you to change speed without touching your treadmill just with the wave of a hand. The full Mediaport functionality console connected your smart phone or tablet wireless by FitSound Bluetooth technology to keep you motivated. You probably hardly to see a treadmill packed with such many advanced technologies from top to bottom.

Lets take a look at our Yowza Boca review for closer overview.

Yowza Boca TreadmillSpecification:

  • Motor : 3.5 CHP Quiet, Continuous Duty
  • Belt : 20″ x 63″ multi-Ply Commercial Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0.5 – 12 MPH QuickSpeed
  • Incline : 0 – 12% Quick Incline™
  • Folding : No
  • Display : Deluxe LCD display with Airport Dock
  • User Weight Capacity : 330lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5 Years On Parts & Electronics, 2 Years In-Home Labor
  • MSRP : $2,949
  • Sale Price : $1,799


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Motor – 3.5 CHP Continuous-duty

Yowza Boca is powered by commercial grade 3.5 hp continuous-duty motor for quiet and consistence performance. It is powerful and sufficient to handle the 12mph and 12% incline workout activities. Backed with lifetime motor warranty proves that Yowza is very confident on the quality and durability for the motor.


Frame – Scratch-resistant Powder-coated Unibody Steel

Yowza Boca is non folding treadmill and build with scratch-resistant powder-coated unibody steel. It is very solid and heavy with weight in xxx lbs. It able to withstand maximum 330 pound of user continue pounding on it.


Running Surface – Impressive 20″ x 63″ Spacious Design

Yowza Boca treadmill comes with extra long 20″ x 63″ multi-ply running surface which perfectly suit for all individuals. Together with 3.5 CHP powerful motor, the combination of powerful motor and extra long running surface are normally found at commercial treadmill, great for longer stride even taller runner.


Deck – Patented Swing Arm Technology

The newly advanced shock absorption system, patented Swing Arm technology is designed works like a swinging arm allows deck to move with every step you take in order to reduce impact on joint, knee and back. The impact is well absorbed across the entire deck and it creating stable and shake free running surface for longer workout.


Workout Programs – Intelligent Weight Management and MyLiveLight

MyLiveLightYowza Boca treadmill only comes with 7 Pre-Set Workouts including target time, target distance, target calories, incline interval, speed interval and weight loss programs. It cannot competitive with those treadmills which can offered more than 10 or 30 workout program. But the most interesting part of Yowza Boca treadmill is its patented Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) technology and myLiveLight application, together giving you the ability to track your caloric intake vs. calories burned.

Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) linked up with Yowza wireless weight scale, downloads your precise weight and BMI automatically creates a custom workout program for optimum personalized workouts. What you need to do is just step on the wireless weight scale before workout in order to continue keep track your workout progress. The IWM technology is very helpful and benefit for those who base workouts on calories burned. Added, IWM works well with myLiveLight Application to store your weight and workout data to the cloud using any of your mobile device. You can listening to the music with much more enjoyable while still continue workout.

Added, Yowza Boca treadmill is included with wireless heart rate chest belt to allow you monitor your workout in the perfect training zone based on your heart rate.


Console – Airport Mediaport

Yowza Boca Treadmill ConsoleThe Yowza Boca feature advanced console, named “Airport Mediaport” which is completely Bluetooth enabled. It equipped with deluxe LCD display with Airport dock to hold your smartphone or tablet while you workout.

The powerful Fitsound Bluetooth speakers can connected your device wireless for your favorite music to keep you entertained and motivated.

Additional two 3-speed adjustable fans, complete with air filters also incorporated into the console which deliver cooling air to help you stay cool during workout.


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Extra Accessory – Motion Controlled System

Another surprise feature from Yowza Boca is the motion controlled system for speed adjusting by wave your hand on left or right side of the console. The sensors are build on either side of the console, wave your hand on left side to speed up, right side to slow down or both hands over left and right to stop entirely. No more changing speed during workout.



Warranty – No-question-ask Coverage

The warranty is very good with standard lifetime warranty on the Frame and Motor, plus 5 yrs on Parts and 2 yrs In-Home labor. But the best thing provided from Yowza Fitness is their incredible customer service with no-question-ask warranty coverage. It is a risk free purchase with 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Yowza Boca treadmill.


Price – Direct-to-Customer Distribution with Huge Save

The selling price of Yowza Boca treadmill is MSPR at $2,949 and lower to $1,799 after discount. You can get your discount from Yowza Fitness directly without going through any third party supplier. Added, Yowza also always offered additional special promotion on Boca treadmill like free in room delivery or premium delivery service if you get it online.


Wrap-up – Quality Build With Smart Technologies

Yowza Boca treadmill is a professional grade home treadmill that build with quality components and smart technologies. It seem to be the next generation of Yowza treadmill that intend to help you keeping your healthy lifestyle easier, effective and enjoyable. I personally quite preferred the Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) with MyLiveLight App to monitor calories intake vs calories burned and touch-less motion control system for more enjoyable workout experience. With the selling of $1,799, Yowza Boca is an excellent value buy.


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