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Yowza Daytona Treadmill Review

Yowza Daytona Treadmill is one of the Yowza’s new generation treadmill released in end of 2011 and continue enhance its features until now. It is targeting mid-level market by offering several premium features such as 3.0 hp motor, 20” x 60” long running surface, strong steel frame design, and Yowza’s top-of-the-line cushioning technology, the patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System.

In additional the usual premium Yowza treadmill features, Yowza is including a new technology, the Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) technology for their developed treadmill since 2012 like Sebring and Yowza Daytona. This wireless weight scale will downloads your precise weight and BMI and customize a workout program to burn a predetermined amount of calories. As your weight changes, over the course of your workouts, the programmed workouts will adjust for you for more progression workouts based on your changing weight and fitness.

Among all of the Yowza’s line-up, Yowza Daytona treadmill is the best treadmill offer by Yowza in term of quality, features, durability and value. It was actually designed by the best treadmill inventor, Leao Wang, who left Smooth Fitness to start Yowza Fitness and personal he own hundred of patent in fitness equipment. Follow us for Yowza Daytona treadmill review for closer look.

Specification:Yowza Daytona Treadmill

  • Motor : 3.5 CHP, Quiet, Continuous Duty Motor
  • Belt : 20″ x 60″ multi-Ply Commercial Treadbelt
  • Speed : 0-12 MPH QuickSpeed®
  • Incline : 0-12% Quick Incline™
  • Folding : No
  • Display : Large Easy to Read LED display
  • User Weight Capacity : 350lbs
  • Warranty : Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts and 2- Year Labor
  • MSRP : $2,849
  • Sale Price : $1,699


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What is the difference between Yowza Daytona and Yowza Daytona Plus

Yowza Daytona Plus is an upgraded version of Yowza Daytona released at 2015. Both treadmills remain build with quality components and similar specification to deliver professional in-home workout experience. The differences between Yowza Daytona and Yowza Daytona Plus treadmill is Daytona Plus adds even more functionality and features on top of Yowza Daytona including the Bluetooth enabled Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) that can linked with myLiveLight Application while Yowza Daytona only comes with IWM Weight scale and programming. Additional one touch incline level also increase from original Yowza Daytona’s 12% to 15% at Yowza Daytona Plus. If possible I would go for Yowza Daytona Plus which comes with more advanced features from Yowza Fitness, but it cost additional $600 that i personally is quite pricey.

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Motor – Adequate For Most Users

Yowza Daytona treadmill is powering by a commercial grade 3.5 hp continuous duty motor with a heavy precision-balanced flywheel. A continuous duty motor is a standard type (and preferred) motor on treadmills and it designed for continuously running rather than stop and go. 3.5 CHP is sufficiently powerful enough for most runners for workout with 11 mph and 12% incline at Yowza Daytona. Not terribly impressive, but adequate for most users.

Backed with lifetime motor warranty proves that Yowza is very confident on the quality and durability for Daytona’s motor.


Frame – Patented Oval-Shaped Steel Frame Design

The Yowza Daytona treadmill is stylish and strong due to Yowza’s patented Oval-Shaped steel frame technology and design. The frame is composed of steel tubing and has progressive wall thickness which provides the perfect combination of stability and shock absorption.


Running Surface – Top Notch Cushioning Technologies

Yowza Daytona treadmill comes with a 20”x 60” treadbelt with wider spacious which allow you to move or run on it. This is a standard lengthy in this price point. The treadbelt is a multi-layer belt with Whisper Weave bottom which also helps to cut down on noise.

Yowza’s cushioning and shock absorption technology is second-to-none. In fact the Daytona treadmill uses 2 cushioning technologies: patented shocks absorption system named Swing Arm Shock Absorption System and Progressive shock absorbing deck design. Yowza Daytona may lacks in some respects, but the cushioning feature places this treadmill as good buy in my view.

Yowza Cushioning Technology:

Yowza Swing ArmperThe patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System which has been designed to lessen the impact of walking and running. There are built with two pivots in the front that absorbed the impact of your stride, while giving you a solid lift off towards the back of the deck. In layman term, there are a little lever holds up the front of the treadmill, and when you press on it, the arm will moves down a little bit like a spring. In this case, the front will absorb the shock and impact, but the back giving a solid push which allow you to full force with your back foot.

Yowza Shock AbsorbperProgressive Shock Deck  cushions the impact of the treadmill deck itself. It designed to provide a similar suspension system found on gym quality treadmills and provides smooth, shake-free running while protecting your ankles, knees, hips, and back by minimizing the impact to these areas.


Deck – Solid Hardwood Reversible

“Floating Deck” designs that that sit on multi-durometer elatomer rings help to reduce impact for your knees, ankles and back. There are rubber grommets in every 5”. Here you can get progressively softer at the front of the deck as your foot lands but with a firmer push-off towards the back of the deck.

Added, the Daytona treadmill is using triple phenolic laminated deck which is reversible and requires no regular maintenance which significantly prolongs its life. However, the downside is you’ll have to figure out how to reverse it when the time comes to do so.


Workout Programs – Impressive Variety

Yowza Daytona Treadmill comes with an impressive variety of workouts up to 16 Workout including 3 Target (Time, Speed, Distance), Weight Loss, Speed Interval and 3 preset programs (all with 12 intensity levels each), 5K run Learn program, Heart Rate Control, Fitness Test, and mor. Add-on, there are total 9 individual user memory slots to store age, weight, and fitness level for multi-user usage.

For heart-rate program, Yowza Sebring automatically adjust the speed and incline in response to the heart rate rating received from the Polar wireless chest transmitter to keep you in the proper training zone.


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Intelligent Workout Management (IWM) – Real Innovator Technology

Intelligent Workout Management (IWM) When you buy a Yowza treadmill outfitted with Intelligent Workout Management (IWM) like Yowza Daytona and Yowza Sebring , your treadmill purchase includes a wireless scale.

The wireless scale integrates with the Yowza treadmill. The scale takes your weight and along with other data automatically creates a custom workout for you that automatically determines workout program necessary for user to hit and maintain ideal weight using included wireless digital scale to obtain weight.


Console – Ergonomically Thoughtful Design

The design of console is smart and stylish. In deep, it is a very thoughtfully wide console designed which attaching a magazine rack or a laptop holder. It includes speakers and a docking station for a MP3 player. The large blue backlit LCD display will tracks all of the usual workout parameters and has a modern pleasing design in keeping with the clean lines of the rest of the treadmill. The twin Workout Cooling fans incorporated into the console which delivers a stream of cooling air to help you stay cool and fresh during your workout and reach your goals faster.


Extra Accessory – To Keep You Continue Your Workout

To enjoy your walk or jog more, the Daytona treadmill is equipped with an iPod dock so you can easily insert your ipod device and hook it directly into the built-in speakers. The speakers sound great and provide a degree of clarity. I didn’t hear any background static and the sound was very good. Well, I am happy to report the sound quality far exceeded even my expectations and the speakers are very usable!

Also included to keep you cool is a powerful and 3-speed fan.


Warranty – Best-in-class Warraty with no-question asked

The most incredible customer service provided by Yowza Fitness is their no-question-ask warranty coverage. This best-in-class warranty with lifetime warranty on the Frame and Motor, plus 5 yrs on Parts and 2 yrs In-Home labor is really impressed. I do really give a thumb up for Yowza Fitness at this customer service.


Price – Direct-to-Customer Distribution with Huge Save

Yowza Daytona Treadmill  is a high-grade treadmill among Yowza’s fleet of 5 treadmills. Regularly priced at $2,199, when on sale, you can get it for as low as $1,699. Free shipping is include.

Actually, Yowza’s direct-to-customer distribution business model is able to translate into a huge savings of up to 60% off compare with traditional retail store. You can’t buy Yowza fitness equipment in physical stores and there are sold only online. With this excellent market strategy, Yowza is independence and save on third party suppliers from pricing and we can have our treadmill cheaper.


Wrap-up – Perfect for Those Who Care About the Calories Burn

The premium feature of Yowza Daytona is very similar with the Yowza best seller treadmill, the Yowza Keewadin except the folding mechanism and the IWM features. The IWM workout is ideal for calorie burning-based workouts. If you’re a performance runner and don’t care about the number of calories burned, IWM isn’t going to be much benefit to you. Yowza builds and sells great treadmills for the price. Moving into integrating technology with their great treadmills is a smart move and Yowza can expand this features and benefits of this technology.

Overall, Yowza Daytona is the latest and most advanced treadmill providing superior quality and giving you many options to meet your goal.

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