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Yowza Delray Treadmill Review

Yowza is getting more creative by giving more options for us to choose our own best suited treadmill based on need. New for 2015, Yowza is proudly to announce the introduction of the Delray series with Yowza Delray base model, Delray Plus, Delray Grande and Delray Elite treadmill. Each one have slightly difference compare with base model with stronger motor and longer deck size with few more hundred expensive on it. All of them are designed with a non-folding patented Swing Arm with top cushioning technology which good in minimizes impact on the joints, knees and ankles.

What is the difference among all the Yowza Delray series and which one is best suited for me? Follow us on below one glance overview.

Models Yowza Delray Yowza Delray Plus Yowza Delray Grande Yowza Delray Elite
Price $1,499 $1,675 $1,925 $2,499
Mark Down $899 $999 $1,149 $1,499
Dimension 70″ L X 34″ W X 53″ H 78″ L X 34″ W X 53″ H 78″ L X 34″ W X 53″ H 80″ L X 34″ W X 58″ H
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 330 lbs
Belt 20″ x 55″ 20″ x 60″ 20″ x 60″ 20″ x 63″
Motor 2.75 HP, Quiet, Continuous Duty 3 HP, Quiet, Continuous Duty 3.25 HP, Quiet, Continuous Duty 3.5 HP, Quiet, Continuous Duty
Speed 0.5 to 11 mph 0.5 to 11 mph 0.5 to 11 mph 0.5 to 12 mph
Incline 0 to 12% 0 to 12% 0 to 12% 0 to 12%
Programs 7 Distinct Users and 7 Pre-Set Workouts 7 Distinct Users and 8 Pre-Set Workouts 7 Distinct Users and 8 Pre-Set Workouts 7 Distinct Users and 8 Pre-Set Workouts
Warranty Lifetime frame & motor, 3 yrs parts & electronics, 1 yr in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts & electronics, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts & electronics, 2 yrs in home labor Lifetime frame & motor, 5 yrs parts & electronics, 2 yrs in home labor

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Motor – Minimum 2.75 CHP

The Yowza Delray most basic level comes with 2.75 continuous duty motor and sufficient to handle walkers and light runners. The next level of Yowza Delray series is adding by 0.25 CHP each with 3.0 CHP for Delray Plus, 3.25 CHP for Delray Grande and 3.5 CHP for Delray Elite. You might want to take a look at the Elite model with 3.5 CHP motor if you are serious runner, and it will cost you another $600 more expensive than the base model. The quality of motor are very good, designed for continuously running which spin-balanced and quiet. Lifetime warranty is covered for Yowza motor.


Frame – Solid, Rigid and Stable

Yowza Delray TreadmillThe treadmill is build with sturdy frame and very well-manufactured. All are very solid, rigid and stable with weight more than 250lbs. It can withstand at least 300 pound of user continue pounding on it. Added, all the Yowza Delray series are built to last, and will offer years of use (lifetime warranty on the frame). Please take not all the Yowza Delray series are non-folding.


Running Surface – Different length To Choose

Another significant difference among the Yowza Delray series is the treadbelt length. The length of Yowza Delray is only 20” x 55”, Yowza Delfray plus and Delray Grande with 20″ x 60″, Delray Elite with an impressive of 20″ x 63″ running surface. The 20″ x 55″ is a bit too short for runners and taller users. I would recommended you go for 60″ or even 63″ for more comfortable workout.

Overall the quality of the treadbelt is not too bad with triple-ply that won’t wear so easily. The whisper weave belt works well with high density fiber wood deck, provide a smooth quiet workout by cut down on noise.


Deck – Patented Swing-Arm technology

One of the most impressive feature from Yowza is the Patented Swing-Arm technology that proven able to absorb impact while also improving calorie-burning rate by up to 23% during workout. The progressive shock absorbing deck works like a swing arm where entire deck is moving up and down when you run, absorbing impacts everywhere.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor

The program variety not too much with Yowza Delray basic model comes with 7 Pre-Set Workouts program while the remaining Yowza Delray Plus, Grade, Elite model come with 8 Pre-Set Workouts including target programs (Time, Speed, and Distance), speed interval, and weight loss programs. All with same 7 Users Profile.

Added, we can monitor our heart rate via the built in sensors on the handlebars to keep you in the proper training zone.


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Console – Small And Dark Screen

Yowza Delray Treadmill Console, quick press buttons for speed and incline, a safety clip, and two water bottle holders. Overall the console design is not too bad but the LCD display is a little bit too small and dark especially you are running but yet to see on the display. I would prefer for larger LCD screen if possible.


Extra Accessory – Lots of Freebies

Yowza does give a lot of freebies to keep you continue motivated. The express speed and incline buttons, FitSound speaker, build-in tablet Rack, MP3 plug and USB for charging devices are comes together with Yowza Delray treadmill. The most premium Yowza Delray Elite even comes with motion controlled speed up and down handrails. However, there are no build in fan available at the console to cool down.

The mediaport is quite attractive as the consoles work well with your mobile tech to make exercising more enjoyable. You can easily integrate your favorite mobile device into your treadmill while you enjoy internet access, music from your tablet or mobile device. It also provides a safe and secure place for you to dock your mobile device while you workout.


Warranty – Good Warranty Coverage

Thumb up for Yowza’s best-in-class warranty coverage for all their treadmill. Even the most basic model of Yowza Delray do comes with lifetime warranty on the Frame and Motor, plus 3 yrs on Parts and 1 yr In-Home labor which is really impressed at the price of $899. Yowza Delfray Plus, Grande and Elite model is covered with lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, plus 5 yrs on Parts and 2 yrs In-Home labor

Added, it is a risk free purchase as Yowza offers a 30 day money back guarantee with no question ask, which is also proven that Yowza is very confident in their products.


Price – Ranging from $899 to $1,499

The new Delray series comes with four models, ranging in price from $899 to $1,499 after discount based on the specification and features offered. You can choose the most basic Yowza Delray with $899 if there is budget concern or go for most premium Yowza Delray Elite at $1,699 with upgraded version.

All of the Yowza treadmills are offer free shipping which help you to save few hundred on it.


Wrap-up – Best Buy For Yowza Delray Grande

The Yowza’s new Delfay series is really impressive line up with more option for us to choose our own best suit treadmill based on budget, specification and features. All of them are solid, decent build with reasonable price. I would recommended you goes for Yowza Delfray Grande and rate it as best buy among the Delfray line up as it has all the Yowza patented features, powerful motor and longer deck which fit the average user. The after selling price of Yowza Delfay Grande is same as Delray Plus at $1,199 with additional $200 more discount but you will get stronger motor with additional 0.25 CHP compare with Delray Plus. If you are a serious runner looking for a larger running area and a stronger motor, the Yowza Delray Elite model with additional few hundred maybe a better fit.


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