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Yowza Keewadin Treadmill Review

Yowza Keewadin Treadmill is Yowza’s most popular treadmill among all the line up treadmill from Yowza. In fact, it has been out of stock for a while due to its numerous popularity demands from consumer. Named after the Florida beach, Yowza Keewadin high rated from TopConsumerReport and TreadmillDoctor by one of the best treadmill for 2010, and it is the best treadmill offer by Yowza in term of quality, features, durability and value. It was actually designed by the best treadmill inventor, Leao Wang, who left Smooth Fitness to start YowzaFitness and personal he own hundred of patent in fitness equipment.

What makes Yowza Keewadin treadmill so unique compare with others treadmill? Yowza Keewadin stacks up nicely against the competition and offers a sleek, attractive look featuring with the best absorption system, named Patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System, which claims able to absorb up to 63% more impact than ordinary treadmills. While it’s fairly new to the market, it’s still coming back with very good user reviews especially customers with bad knees have reported feeling less pain or stress during workout. It even backed with best-in-class warranty with no-question- ask lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years parts and 2 years labor, plus a 60-day money back guarantee, all this make Yowza Keewadin treadmill a good investment.

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Specification:Yowza Keewadin Folding Treadmill

    • Motor : 3.0 HP, Quiet, Continuous Duty Motor
    • Belt : 20″ x 60″ multi-Ply Commercial Treadbelt
    • Speed : 0-11 MPH QuickSpeed®
    • Incline : 0-12% Quick Incline™
    • Folding : Yes
    • Display : large blue backlit LCD display
    • User Weight Capacity : 350lbs
    • Warranty : Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts and 2- Year Labor
    • MSRP : $2,299
    • Sale Price : $1,699


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Motor – The Main bond behind to power up Yowza Keewadin

Yowza Keewadin treadmill is powering by a commercial grade 3.0 hp continuous duty motor with a heavy precision-balanced flywheel. This 3.0 CHP rated able to provide a smooth, quiet without over-stress or overheating the motor over a sustained period of time. The motor is spin-balanced and quiet, I do enjoy my workout with 11 mph and 12% incline at Yowza Keewadin treadmill. Backed with lifetime motor warranty proves that Yowza is very confident on the quality and durability for Keewadin’s motor.


Frame – Solid machine but simple assembly by just few steps

Yowza Keewadin Folding TreadmillKeewadin Treadmill is a folding treadmill that allows you to fold the treadmill into an upright position after workout where it will then occupy a lot smaller floor area. The folding mechanism incorporates a gas shock strut to assist in the folding and unfolding of the deck. Add on, similar with other Yowza treadmill, Keewadin treadmill is a solid, rigid and stable machine with weigh in 229 lbs, which is a necessary weigh in order to make you stable while running on the treadmill.

Minor note, Yowza Keewadin treadmill is one of the easiest folding treadmills to assemble by yourself where you can save on set-up assistance. Just as simple by lifting up the console, add a couple of screws and you are done. But we advice you should add on the shipping charge for $60 for inside delivery as the unit are total 300 pounds including the shipping container.


Running Surface – Swing Arm Shock Absorption System

Yowza Keewadin treadmill comes with a 20”x 60” treadbelt with wider spacious which allow you to move or run on it. This is a standard lengthy in this price point. The treadbelt is a multi-layer belt with Whisper Weave bottom which also helps to cut down on noise.

One winning point of Yowza Keewadin treadmill compare with other treadmill brand is Yowza Keewadin treadmill has a patented shocks absorption system named Swing Arm Shock Absorption System which has been designed to lessen the impact of walking and running. There are built with two pivots in the front that absorbed the impact of your stride, while giving you a solid lift off towards the back of the deck. In layman term, there are a little lever holds up the front of the treadmill, and when you press on it, the arm will moves down a little bit like a spring. In this case, the front will absorb the shock and impact, but the back giving a solid push which allow you to full force with your back foot.

Together with floating deck design , both designed to provide a similar suspension system found on gym quality treadmills and provides smooth, shake-free running while protecting your ankles, knees, hips, and back by minimizing the impact to these areas.


Deck – Solid Hardwood Reversible

Yowza Shock AbsorbperThe deck is a solid hardwood reversible deck covered by triple-laminated phenolic resin coating featuring with Yowza’s Floating Deck shock absorption technology for superior comfort.

Yowza Keewadin features a “Floating Deck” design that that sits on multi-durometer elastomer rings. There are rubber grommets in every 5”. Here you can get progressively softer at the front of the deck as your foot lands but with a firmer push-off towards the back of the deck. This design will help to reduce impact for your knees, ankles and back.


Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitor – Impressive Variaty

Yowza Keewadin Treadmill comes with an impressive variety of workouts up to 15 Workout program in order to add variety of challenges and to keep you motivated. Several of the programs have a series of intensity levels. The workout programs including include 3 Target (Time, Distance, Speed), 3 preset programs (each with 12 intensity levels), Weight Loss (12 intensity levels), 5K run Learn program, Heart Rate Control, Speed intervals (12 intensity levels each) and Fitness Test.

Add-on, there are total 9 individual user memory slots to store age, weight, and fitness level for multi-user usage.

For heart-rate program, Keewadin treadmill has built-in Contact Grip Heart Rate Monitor in handrail bar to monitor your heart-rate during workout. This is one of the easiest, most-convenient methods to monitoring your heart rate as contact measuring always more functionable comparing with the wireless. They will ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals. All you do is grip the handrail to monitor your heart rate without any attachments or wires to get in the way.

Additional, there is Polar Heart Rate Chest Belt ($40) is included on the Yowza Keewadin folding treadmill while this is optional on other Yowza models. This polar wireless heart rate transmitter feeds back information about the user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s computer. The computer then makes adjustments to the intensity of the workout by varying the speed or incline in sympathy with the user’s heart rate so that they are always in the optimum target fitness zone.


Console – Ergonomically Thoughtful Design

Yowza Keewadin ConsoleThe design of console is smart and stylish. In deep, it is a very thoughtfully designed which featuring with quick start, single touch resistance, speed and incline control. It includes speakers and a docking station for a MP3 player. The large blue backlit LCD display will tracks all of the usual workout parameters and has a modern pleasing design in keeping with the clean lines of the rest of the treadmill. The twin Workout Cooling fans incorporated into the console which delivers a stream of cooling air to help you stay cool and fresh during your workout and reach your goals faster.


Extra Accessory – To Keep You Continue Your Workout

There’s a built-in hi-fidelity speaker system that is compatible with iPods so you don’t have to plug your ears into earbuds and give yourself an ear ache. The speakers sound great and provide a degree of clarity. I didn’t hear any background static and the sound was very good. Well, I am happy to report the sound quality far exceeded even my expectations and the speakers are very usable! I enjoy my workout with favorite music enable via iPod or MP3 player. My iPod just rests on the console shelf, so that it is within easy reach.


Warranty – Best-in-class Warraty with no-question asked

The most incredible customer service provided by Yowza Fitness is their no-question-ask warranty coverage. This best-in-class warranty with lifetime warranty on the Frame and Motor, plus 5 yrs on Parts and 2 yrs In-Home labor is really impressed. I do really give a thumb up for YowzaFitness at this customer service.


Price – Direct-to-Customer Distribution Model with Huge Save

With all features include as above, Yowza Keewadin treadmill is with sales price at $1,699. The main reason of Yowza to keep their price so low because Yowza’s direct-to-customer distribution model which able to translate into a huge savings of up to 60% off compare with traditional retail store. With this excellent market strategy, Yowza is independence and save on third party suppliers from pricing and we can have our treadmill cheaper.


Wrap-up – Highly Recommended

Before buying any treadmill check this one out first, see if you like it. This is the best treadmill if you can afford on the thousand dollars treadmill. It offers good value for at $1699 including a well constructed with rigid feel, powerful motor, impressed shock absorption system, variety built-in workouts and a heart rate monitor to make your workout more enjoyable. It may expensive but it worth the money if it’s within your budget. The quality and usability of this machine deserves high marks. With all, Yowza Keewadin treadmill is one of our best buy listing and we high recommended you go for it.


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